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Q: What is the etiquette for tipping a car detailer who is the owner of the company rather than the other employees who also do the detailing?
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Why is phone etiquette important?

Phone etiquette - especially in a business environment - projects a professional image of the company to prospective clients.

In the United States can one company be an employee of another company?

Only humans can be employees. The employees of a subsidiary company are also the employees of the parent company, unless the subsidiary is unusually and intentionally independent.

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When the employees were acting as agents of the company with the permission of the company and the company knew fully well and was aware that the employees committed crimes with the representation allowed by the company.

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There are many employees in that company

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List and explain two advantages for a company that has salaried employees?

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The Trammel Crow Company had 7,100 employees in 2002

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