What is the evidence of deposition of ice?

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How can glaciers cause deposition?

The ice moving from the glacier causes deposition by the movement made from the ice .

What is process of giving sworn evidence?


What is the meaning of deposition?

A Deposition is a recorded statement made under oath that can be entered into evidence in a legal proceeding.

What are some things that do deposition?

dry ice

What does deposition?

The word deposition refers to the action of giving or showing evidence. It can also mean that someone deposes someone else.

What is an example of depostion?

An example of deposition is dry ice.

What does deposition mean in geography?

Deposition is basically making small pieces of rocks "travel" to different landforms or other rocks. Deposition can occur by ice, wind or water.what does deposition mean in geography

Causes of deposition?

some main causes of deposition are : ~animals ~water ~wind ~ice ~mankind hope this helps :)

How the deposition formed?

Deposition is the process where matter changes from a gas to a solid. This occurs during cooling. When referrring the deposition as a weather process, water vapor forms into ice.

Causes of erosion and deposition?

Wind, ice, gravity, and water

A sentence for deposition?

Deposition is to depose someone with sworn evidence. Sentences using this word are:- Janie's deposition was read to the court since she couldn't appear.- Sara was in the hospital so her mom read her deposition of the case to the lawyer.- Aaron's deposition proved that Corey was guilty of theft.

What are three examples of deposition?

Deposition is one of the phases of matter changing. It is the gas to solid phase.. Water vapor to ice and physical vapor to film are examples of deposition. Frost forming on a leaf is another example of deposition.

What is erotion and deposition?

Erosion is the process by which water, ice, wind, or gravity moves fragments of rock and soil. Deposition is when the erosion stops and the particles settle.

What forces cause erosion and deposition?

weathering, wind, ice, and mass movement

What is it called when water vapour turns directly to ice?

It's called deposition.

How does deposition occur?

Deposition happens when the forces like wind, water, and ice drop or lay down sediments on a new part of land that it has not been on before.

What type of precipitation occurs when water vapors turns directly into ice?

The process is called deposition which generally is the cause of rime ice.

What is rock deposition?

it is when sediments are moved from one place to another by wind water and ice

Is there evidence of water on mercury?

There is ice on it.

Where on the moon is there evidence of the existence of ice?

Evidence of frozen water are near the poles

What is the definition of the word deposition?

Deposition is to place rock,clay,sand,or dirt is landed on another landform by wind,gravity,humans,ice,or water which is the main form of erosion.

What are the major agents causes of erosion and deposition?

Wave action,Moving ice,and running water

What is the settling out of sediments carried by water wind or ice to form sedimentary rocks?

It is called deposition.

What is it called when water vapor is converted directly into ice crystal?

Water vapor that changes in to an ice crystal is called deposition. This what happens in the formation of snow.

Is there Evidence of H2O on Mercury?

yes there is evidence of water on Mercury, however, it is ICE water.