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The exchange rate for a pound is about 2 - 2.5 Singapore dollars.

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What is the name of Singapore's money?

Singapore currency is called Dollars or Singapore Dollars. They are not U.S. dollars and the exchange rate today is .81 U.S. dollars per Singapore dollar.

What is the exchange rate from pounds to American dollars?

£54.25m equals dollars

10 pounds in US dollars?

Around 16 dollars depending on the exchange rate.

Singapore dollars and Brunei dollars are pegged at the same exchange rate. Can you use Singapore dollars in Brunei without having to convert to Brunei dollars first?

Yes. And vice-versa.

What is 102 dollars in English pounds?

About £70 but the exchange rate fluctuates.

How much is five millon dollars in English pounds?

The exchange rate changes daily. The current exchange rate (Jan 2010) is 1.67 dollars to the pound. just multiply your dollars by that and you will have your answer.

How much is 130 dollars in british pounds?

About 85.63 Pounds depending upon the exchange rate

Change 500 dollars into pounds?

In this current economic climate , the exchange rate would be around £305 when the exchange rate is about 1.65

4.50 British pounds into dollars?

50.00 British pounds sterling = 83.19 US dollarsExchange rate: 1.663894 Rate valid as of: 5/12/2009

What is 169 us dollars in British pounds?

It depends on the current rate of exchange!

What is the current exchange rate of pounds to dollars?

as at 28 Feb 1.622USD

How much is 2500 dollars in pounds?

£1567 is $2500 at the current exchange rate.

100 dollars in pounds?

At today's exchange rate, 8-1-2011, about $61.00 (US dollars).

How much is 129.99 dollars in UK pounds?

Approximately 85 pounds (GBP) but the exchange rate can vary.

What is lakhs to Singapore dollar?

The exchange rate of Singapore Dollars to Indian Rupees (I assume that is the question) is 1 SGD = 33 INR

What is the conversion rate from British pounds to American dollars?

The exchange rate from pounds to dollars changes daily depending on the worth of the dollar and pound respectively. Currently for every 1 pound, you get 1.53 dollars.

What is the exchange rate for Singapore Dollars to Yen?

The rates change every day. Use this currency converter to calculate it.

How much is 77 dollars in English pounds?

Find the exchange rate for £:$ Divide 77 by the exchange rate. eg if it was £1=$2 then $77=£38.5

How much is 110 dollars in pounds?

£67.92 at today's exchange rate. but are we talking us dollars if so it would be

How much is 135 pounds to new zealand dollars?

At today's exchange rate about $270

What is 150 dollars in pounds?

150 dollars is 88.73 in British pounds. The current exchange rate is one United States Dollar equals 0.591541 British pounds.

What is meant by the exchange rate of the US dollar?

It refers to how many dollars you would get if you exchanged some foreign currency for dollars. For example, the exchange rate for GB pounds is currently 1 pound for 1.53 US dollars

What is the exchange rate pounds to dollars?

The current exchange rate pounds to dollars is: £1=$0.5030 Because currency rates fluctuate from day to day, try the site above.

How much is 135 pounds in dollars?

The exchange rate varies; you should probably consult the financial section of a newspaper to get the current USD / UKP exchange rate.

Current exchange rate between Singapore dollars against Indian rupees?

1 sing dollar is 32.56 rupees