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I heard that it can take up to 8 weeks to fully recover from a tubal. I had a scheduled C section, and a tubal. I am now one month post, and I feel tender still in areas, and still feel kinda bloated. I just started to feel little "twinges" on my left side, in my ovarie area. They are sharp, and only come on at times.. Anyway, remember, I had a C section also, so the recovery time for just a tubal is probably sooner.

AnswerI had a tubal ligation laproscopically (not at the time of a pregnancy/birth)last week. It is exactly one week later, and I feel totally fine, and have resumed all my normal activities and sexual intercourse. The first day I was groggy from the anesthesia and a little sore around my belly button (where the incision was). The second day, I was sore around my neck area from the gas they used to bloat my diaphragm for the surgery. The third day, I was able to lift my son again, and my belly wasn't sore, but the second small incision in the pubic area was a bit tender. But by the fourth day, I felt great. After one week, I still have bruising around my belly button, but am back to normal otherwise! :) AnswerI am 43 and had my tubes tied the beginning of Feb. The recovery was pretty quick. I had a sore belly(like I did too many sit ups!) for a few days and gas pains. I had the surgery on Friday and went back to work on Tuesday. You just can't do any heavy lifting for a few weeks. I really did feel back to normal in about a week.
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Q: What is the expected recovery time for a tubal ligation?
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What is the expected recovery time for a tubal ligation after childbirth?

Depends if you had the tubal the same time you had the baby it would be 6-8 weeks. If you went back to have it done it would be about 6 weeks but you need to get cleared by your doctor first.

Is a tubal ligation more risky at age 25?

It is risky at any age. It is most recommended by doctors that the man get a vasectomy rather than the woman get a tubal ligation. The recovery time is less for men and it is less risky since there are fewer tubes and less chance of complications.

Can a tubal ligation reverse itself in time?


How much down time after tubaligation?

Today, most tubal ligation is done laparoscopically. Recovery is quite rapid with normal activities after about 10 days or two weeks.

Can you get a tubal ligation and ablation at the same time?

Yes. Talk to your doctor.

What is the Recovery time for normal house work after tubal ligation?

a week is the normal recovery.. However when I had mine tied, I suffered from a UTI for 3 days. It was the worse I have ever had.. My recovery took almost 3 full weeks of rest before I felt better.

Is it wise to have a tubal ligation at the same time as your c-cection?

Yes, many women have tubal ligation and C-sections at the same time. Having two separate operations is too expensive and creates more downtime for women.

After tubal ligation is it normal to bleed heavily after 4 days?

Women bleed for different amounts of time after a tubal ligation. if you are heavily bleeding after 4 days, you should see a physician as soon as possible.

How successful is tubal ligation reversal if you've had a tubal ligation 12 years ago?

Tubal ligation reversal surgery is much more successful than many realize. I recent study published by Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center fives the actual statistics. The two main factors are the type of ligation that was performed as well as your age at the time of reversal. Another factor to keep in mind is the experience the surgeon has (pretty self explanatory).

What is a separate code of a tubal ligation performed at the same time as a cesarian section?


Can you get pregnant 8yrs after tubal ligation?

The more time that passes after a tubal ligation the (slightly) higher the risk of regeneration of the fallopian tube/s. It is extremely rare but it can happen. Because there is scar tissue from the tubal ligation, there is also an increase chance of a tubal pregnancy. If your period suddenly stops, whether you are having symptoms of pregnancy or not, take a pregnancy test or see your OB / GYN.

Usually im right on time. I am 7days late and have had a tubal ligation could I be pregnant?

I had a baby 5 months ago and a tubal ligation, I had spotting after my pregnancy and that's it so far. No period! Yet....... and im not prego

Can you still get pregnant 5 years after tubal ligation?

There is less than a half a percent chance of getting pregnant after tubal ligation. In other words, for every 200 people that get tubal ligation done, one will be able to become pregnant. It is possible, but it is not probable, particularly if you have been having unprotected sex with a husband this entire time, and have not gotten pregnant until now.

Can you become pregnant after having a tubal ligation 3 years ago?

Yes, the more time that passes after the tubal ligation the higher the chance your body will heal itself. The chance of conception is still very small but it is possible.

You had a tubal ligation 6 yrs ago Now you have missed a period and feel like you did the last time you were pregnant Just wondering if it is possible?

I had a tubal ligation 6 yrs ago Now you have missed a period and feel like you did the last time you were pregnant Just wondering if it is possible?"

Can you recover effectively from a tubal ligation reversal?

"Yes, you can, and recovery is generally very quick. The surgery is done in an out-patient setting, with a small incision above the hairline, and repair is done quickly. There may be some minor pain medication prescribed, but the procedure is minor and recovery time is usually short."

What are the odds of someone getting pregnant after a tubal ligation 4.5 years ago and is there any chance of pregnancy without a reversal?

A tubal ligation is considered permanent birth control, but there is still a margin of error. You could become pregnant any time afterward. It is estimated that 143 women in 10,000 (1.43%) get pregnant after tubal ligations.

Can a 43 yr old woman who had full tubal ligation 21 years ago still having periods get pregnant?

It's very rare but it does happen. Tubal ligation has less than a 2% failure rate but the tubes have been know to grow back together over time. You are at higher risk for ectopic pregnancy which can be life threatening if not treated quickly after having tubal ligation. If you feel that you may be pregnant you should see a Dr as soon as possible. If you want to get pregnant after a tubal ligation you can look into reversal surgery and/or IVF treatments.

Cpt code for cesarean section with bilateral tubal ligation?

Complete Cesarean delivery code is 59510,this includes: routine ob care, antepartum care, the C-section and postpartum care. The code for the bilateral tubal ligation is 58611. This is the ligation or transection of fallopian tubes (s) when done at the time of c-section delivery (not a separate procedure).

Can you have missed periods after a tubal ligation was done within 3 months?

not most of the time it is rare ide see a doctor if i were you............

If you are having an abdominal myomectomy can you also have a tubal ligation reversal at the same time?

yes if you find a doctor that specializes in tubal reversal and performs myomectomys my doctor will do them at same time but i have pay for reversal insurance wont cover it.

How long is the recovery time for a tubal ligation if your job requires heavy lifting?

My doctor told me no heavy lifting(over 10 pounds) for three weeks. I had it done with the scope thru my belly button. She said lifting could cause a hernia.

Can you get pregnant 3 months after having a c-section and a tubal ligation at the same time?

You can get pregnant, but it is not likely. However, if you think you are you should see a doctor since most end in tubal pregnancy.

Feeling kicking like movements in stomach but have tubes tied could you still be pregnant?

Definitely! Its very rare depending on the time range from when you had your tubal but it is not impossible. The tubal ligation procedure is not 100%!

How long to heal after a tubal ligation?

Healing time after a tubal ligation varies depending on the person and type of anesthesia used. If general anesthesia is used the patient should not operate a car for 24 hours. Most post-surgery symptoms go away within 2-5 days.