What is the explanation and paraphrase of keats' poem endymion book 1 stanza 1?

In this part of the poem, the poet John Keats says that a thing of beauty continues to inspires us throught our life, it never ceases to exist in our heart. With the passage of time, the effect of the thing becomes more profound. The beautiful thing is like a ray of hope amidst the world's miseries. It refreshes our souls, rejuvenates us, and soothes our frayed nerves. It is like a retreat from the ugliness in the world. Everyday, such beautiful things (in nature) bind us to the earth.

In spite of all the gloom, selfishness, sadness, dejection, and all things we suffer in this world, the beautiful thing (it might be a scene, an object, or anything which a person finds beautiful) is like a ray of hope amidst it all. Like the sun, the moon shining through this dark curtain, trees, sheep, or flowers for that matter... also the green streams, waterfalls, fountains, musk rose blooms, etc. All tales of heroism which inspire us, give us the courage to fight against all odds... they are an endless source of inspiration.