What is the factor that influences the treatment of ambiguous genitalia?

The biggest factor to influence the "treatment" of ambiguous (intersexed) genitalia is adults making decisions for their children. Intersexed adults who have not been altered by surgery are often satisfied and comfortable with the combination of gender anatomy that they were born with. Intersex is not a disease that needs to be cured. It does sometimes involve anomalies that are prone to infection or discomfort that can be remedied by surgery but it is more important to wait to decide a specific gender when the intersexed person can decide. Most children know which gender they feel they are at quite a young age and families must take this into account when raising the child. There is a very sad history surrounding parents making this decision for children in infancy because, based on faulty research, medical professionals had told them that the child would become whatever gender the parent chose if they raised them as that gender. This was not the case.

Besides feeling forced into making surgical decisions for their children, the hardest role for parents is how to present their child to the public; what to say when asked if it's a boy or a girl. There are organizations that can help them through the social mine field of having an intersexed baby or finding out later that your child is intersexed. For information of this subject, see the links below.

When to Contact a Medical Professional

  • You are concerned about the appearance of your child's external genitalia.
  • Your baby takes more than 2 weeks to regain his/her birthweight, is vomiting, looks dehydrated (dry inside of mouth, no tears when crying, less than 4 wet diapers per 24 hours, eyes look sunken in), has decreased appetite, has blue spells, or has trouble breathing (these can all be signs of congenital adrenal hyperplasia).

Ambiguous genitalia may be discovered during the first well-baby examination.

Source: nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus, see the link below.

Well, bisexual is a sexual orientation meaning one is attracted to both men and women. You are thinking of intersex which means a child is born with ambiguous genitals. It is more common for doctors to operate and make the child a girl since it is easier to "poke a hole than build a pole" but this isn't always the case. Most intersex activists argue that the child should be assigned a gender but not operated on until much older when he or she can make that big decision him or herelf.