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A SxS in useable but not like-new condition will bring between $100 and $250. A 20 gauge or .410 will be in the mid to upper part of that range and a 12 or 16 gauge in the lower to middle part.

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Q: What is the fair market value of a J Stevens model 235?
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What is the value of a Stevens Model 94 in fair condition?

Less than $100. If in only 'fair' condition, about $50.

What is value of Stevens 3 inch .410 model 94?

In fair condition, you can expect $150-$250.

What is the fair market value of a Smith and Wesson model 15?

50-250 USD or so

What is the market value of a Sebring convertible?

The market value would depend on what year and model it is and the condition it is in. For example: a 2009 Chrysler Sebring Cnvertible Limited in excellent condition has a fair market value of $33,038.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of fair market value?

advantages of fair value

What is the value of a Stevens model 72 crackshot rifle?

im looking on the internet and came across a read about the model 72 its about 200 in good or fair condition

The marshalls insured their home for 72000 which is 90 percent of the fair market value what is the fair market value of their home?


What is the age of a 22 cal bolt action model 15-A Stevens serial 2173576 2228092 or 2230372?

I have a 15-a in fair condition what is the going value of it

What is the value of Stevens model 94H 12 gauge 36 inch barrel 3inch chamber?

i just bought one for$85 in fair condition

What is the difference between Gross fair market Value and Net Fair market Value?

Gross Versus Net ValueFair market value is the price an asset would bring if it were sold on a voluntary basis, meaning neither buyer nor seller has an obligation to make the exchange. Gross fair market value is the fair market value of an asset before allowing for any liabilities such as loans, taxes or liens. Suppose a warehouse has a gross fair market value of $250,000. If the property is collateral for a $100,000 business loan, the net fair market value of the asset becomes $150,000.

What is FMV stands for?

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What is the value of a 22 LR caliber Stevens Junior Model 11 made by Stevens Arms Company Patent July 7 1907?

The Junior Model 11 was Stevens' last attempt to market a boy's rifle. It was discontinued in the late 1930s. Value depends on condition -- less than $100 if fair or worse, maybe $300 if excellent and you find the right collector. It would be rare to see one sell for more than $200 in average condition.

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