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Q: What is the fairtrade grapefruit farm called?
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What is grapefruit called in Marathi?

In Marathi, grapefruit is called 'Draksh'

What is a grapefruit called in Marathi?

In Marathi, grapefruit is called Papanus.

Why is a grapefruit called a grapefruit when there is already a fruit called a grape?

Because grapefruit grow in bunches like grapes do.

What does fairtrade mean?

fair trade is some thing which is done by some thing like the farm

What is grapefruit called in Telugu?

Telugu Meaning of Grapefruit is 'PAMPARA PANASA PANDU'

What is grapefruit called in urdu?


What is it called when you Juice a grapefruit?


What is grapefruit called in Gujarati?


What is fairtrade fortnight?

fairtrade fortnight is a two week celebration for fairtrade

What is the juice of a grapefruit called?

Grapefruit juice. Obvious answer is obvious. --- I believe the person who asked this question was looking for a word that is not so obvious. The juice from a grapefruit is called CITRIC ACID

Are grapes different from grapefruit?

Yes, although they are called grapefruit they are entirely different from grapes.

What is the fruit called when you cross a tangerine with a grapefruit?

A hybrid between a grapefruit and either a tangerine or a mandarin orange is called a 'tangelo.'

How do you support fairtrade?

buy fairtrade

What countries are involved in fairtrade?

this guy called Sean stundon ;D

What is a cocktail with grapefruit and gin called?

its called a pink poodle

What is shaddock grapefruit also called?


How can you help fairtrade?

by buying fairtrade products

Who uses Fairtrade?

anyone can use fairtrade

How do you write grapefruit in French?

The grapefruit is 'le pamplemousse' (masc.) in French, also sometimes called 'pomelo'.

Where does the tangelo come from?

The tangelo comes from the combination or hybrid of the tangerine and a grapefruit. The grapefruit is also called a pomelo.

How old is fairtrade?

fairtrade is 18 years old

What can you do to support fairtrade?

Buy Fairtrade food such as coffee, tea and bananas and always give Fairtrade Gifts when you can.

Is grapefruit safe to eat when taking norvasc?

I called the pharmacist and he says yes. You can take norvasc and eat grapefruit.

When did fairtrade start?

2004According to the Fairtrade Foundation Website, the first fairtrade labelled goods were sold in in 1988Someone xx

How much do Fairtrade and non-fairtrade farmers earn?

Non-fairtrade people earn 60p per day