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What is the famous quote by John Wheelwright?

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John Wheelwright was a British/American protestant clergyman. One of his most famous quotes while referring to the execution of famous abolitionist John Brown were ' John Brown's body lies a-moldering in the grave, His soul is marching on'.

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What has the author John Tyler Wheelwright written?

John Tyler Wheelwright has written: 'A New \\'

When did John Brooks Wheelwright die?

John Brooks Wheelwright died on 1940-09-13.

When was John Brooks Wheelwright born?

John Brooks Wheelwright was born on 1897-09-09.

Where did John Wheelwright come from?

John Wheelwright was born in Saleby, Lincolnshire, England some time in 1592.

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What religion was john wheelwright?


Why did john wheelwright found New Hampshire?

John Wheelwright founded New Hampshire because he wanted to make a colony for fishing. :)

What did John Wheelwright found and in what year?


Colony founded by john wheelwright?

New Hampshire

Which colony was founded by John Wheelwright?

New Hampshire

What state was John Wheelwright born in?

america in 1846.

What was captain john smith's famous quote?

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What did John Wheelwright have to do with New Hampshire?

He found New Hampshire

How did john wheelwright find New Hampshire?

John Wheelwright found New Hampshire by following Indian trails and crude roads. He likely got directions from people along the way.

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Who were the leaders of colonial New Hampshire?

New Hampshire was founded by John Mason and John Wheelwright.

Was john wheelwright a colonial leader?

YES! he founded New Hamshire

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What were some of the Wheelwrights of the English colonies names?

George Deane was a famous wheelwright in the English colonies. Eventually, wheelwrights actually earned the surname "Wheelwright" because of their choice in careers.