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What is the farthest distance a paper airplane has ever flown?


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102 ft. is what all the websites say, it is the "glider airplane"

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What wing design for a paper airplane will soar the farthest

A lined paper airplane flies the farthest. It flies the farthest because it weighs less than any other type of paper. For example, it weighs less than an airplane made of construction paper and it weighs less than an airplane made of copy paper.

the smallest airplane will fly the farthest

The world's farthest paper airplane was made from paper used in Origami, as per standard for the record. Joe Ayoob holds the world record at 226 feet and 10 inches.

The one I find the best is the best paper airplane in the world.

well it dependskind of paper you use or if you use thick paper or thin paper

You need to throw it really hard.

if its a basic airplane, adding paper clips to the wings can help so it doesnt just fly in random directions.

if it weighs less it will fly farther

about 12 seconds, if the paper airplane can fly it would stay up longer

Gliders fly the farthest. This is because they have greater wingspan. This means low lift-drag ratio. So they fly the farthest.

Yes it does affect , it depends upon how thinner the paper is .

construction paper, lined paper is too light so if you launch it too hard it will not do as well as construction paper launched hard.

Yes. There is an ideal size for a paper airplane. As the size increases or decreases from this, the maximum distance travelled will decrease

It depends on how you throw your paper airplane. Also how you make to paper airplane.

Of course! If the airplane is very thick it will go very fast. I learned that from my project.

Well, It depends on the density of the paper, the wings, the hull, the design, the aerodynamics, and the lift it creates. One easy one is just to make the basic paper airplane, and experiment from there. But here are three good designs: The dragon, The champ, and nick's plane.

Friction and velocity, and if u want to go into it a little more the weight, content, and amount of force exerted to throw the paper airplane.

The kind of paper that makes a paper airplane stay in the air the longest is blank paper because blank paper has the right amount of heaviness to make it stable.In CNN Student News,blank paper flew the greatest and longest time and distance.

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