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You just need to open your eyes underwater (if you are stationary). . .but you can't open your eyes underwater while you are in motion because it's painful. . .

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Can dolphins open their eyes underwater and how do they do that?

Dolphins can open their eyes underwater. Dolphins have a special greasy tear that protects their eyes from the salt water sting when they open their eyes under water.

Do alligators sleep with eyes open?

yes they can and they can sleep with their eyes open underwater too.

How do you look underwater?

You wear goggles or open your eyes.

Can you see underwater in the day?

Yes. But in order to do that, you have to open your eyes.

How do fish keep their eyes open underwater?

no they keep their eyes open at all times even when they die <><><> Fish do not have eyelids. There is no way for them to close their eyes.

What happens if you open your eyes underwater in the swimming pool?

It may get bloodshot. Everything is blurry underwater without goggles.

Do dolphin's sleep underwater?

they sleep for about 2 through 2 hours with their eyes open

Why can't humans focus their eyes underwater without goggles?

They can, try it for yourself. But somethings in the bottom of you bath tub put your face in and open up your eyes, you can focus your eyes underwater. I don't know if it will work for you but it did work for me.

How do you learn to get use to swimming with your eyes open?

You practice.

How do you get better eyesight fast?

open your eyes wider

Can you see under water?

Technically, yes. You can either wear goggles or scuba masks to see underwater, and you could open your eyes underwater (granted your vision will be so blurry that you can barely make out the shape of your own hand) to see, but opening your eyes underwater without gear is not a reliable way to see underwater.

How can a fish keep its eyes open all times?

Animals blink to keep their eyes from getting dry. Fish are always underwater so they don't have to worry about that.

What birds can swim underwater?

swan birds swim with there eyes open or close?swan birds swim with there eyes open or closePenguins can swim on water.Ducks can also swim on water.Swan can swim on water.

How do you open your eyes underwater?

It's easy, and fun too. Saves you money instead of buying goggles. When your first starting, it could be really tough and scary. All you do is go underwater for a couple of times, about 3 times to get use to the water. Relax, just go up and down. On the 3rd time you go up from the water, go back down and slowly SLOWLY open your eyes until your eyes are completely open. At first it WILL sting, but it's ok. It's not damaging your eyes, or your eyesight. Saltwater is much better for the eyes, but cloriene water can be just as well. Do it for a couple of more times until they don't sting anymore. When they don't sting, you've mastered on how to open your eyes underwater! Goodluck with this plan of mine <_< >_>! :)

Do pupils dilate when sleeping and eyes are closed?

Expirement. close your eyes for a good 10 seconds. Then open them and get close to a mirror when you do this. When you open your eyes, you'll notice that your pupils will get big and then really small(fast).

What is it like swimming underwater?

Fun... you can do all kinds of things. Especially if it's in a lake or something. You can open your eyes, omg it's so much fun :D! i am going to the lake in like.. 5 minutes, yay swimming <3 i don't suggest you open your eyes underwater in a lake w/o goggles

How fast does redbull work?

It get you hyper like if your eyes are wide open but it keeps you going.

What do allagatiors see?

Alligators can see underwater because they have two layers of skin on their eyes. One layer is clear and the other layer is the eye lid. When underwater they close their eye and then open only the eye lid. They keep the clear skin over their eyes so they can see:)

How do you fake seeing ghosts?

i do not believe in ghost but if you don't want to see a ghost close you eyes and open them again. I have heard that they are very fast and once you open your eyes they should be gone!

What is a underwater world seed for Minecraft?

An underwater world seed for Minecraft is used to open an underwater world to play the game in.

Can people balance better with their eyes open or their eyes closed?

eyes open :)

How do you see underwater?

If you dont use gogles and just open your eyes it will be blury and burn for a second if you use gogles then you should be able to see clearly and it wont burn.

How can you contact mermaids?

You call them on a conch shell. You have to find the conch in deep waters, or you go underwater at the beach and open your eyes. You will see her swim up to you and start singing.

Can one wear contact lenses while swimming with goggles?

Yes you can. But just make sure not to open your eyes underwater without the googles on, as your contacts could fall out

What can't you do with your eyes open?

You cannot sneeze with your eyes open.

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