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There are many different solutions given for this problem. You could use a pesticide but that does more harm than good as you will wind up killing all the beneficial worms and insects in your garden. I have used styrofoam cups with the bottom half cut out to use as a ring around the plant. Aluminum foil wrapped around the base of the plant will also save them. I have been told that a nail placed beside the plant stem will not allow the worm to wrap completely around the stem and will not eat it. Each one is time consuming, but I have found that a simple cardboard tube about 4 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter, placed around the base of a young plant will stop 95% of the cutworms from killing your plants. Another bonus is if you use the right cardboard, it is biodegradable and you can just till it under in the fall. See the related link for more information.

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How do you eliminate garden cutworms?

Barriers, compost, litter and manual removal, spraying, tilling, and weeding are ways to eliminate garden cutworms. As the larval stage of harmless, night-flying moths, the caterpillars in question (Noctuidae lepidopteran family) favor springtime feeding upon fresh above- and below-ground plant parts of asparagus, bean, cabbage, carrot, celery, corn, lettuce, pea, pepper, potato, and tomato plants as well as upon young turf-grasses. Tilling may expose and kill overwintering larvae near litter- or weed-filled borders, fields, meadows, and pastures whereas aluminum or cardboard plant-base collars, composted (not green manure so hospitable to egg-laying) amendments, larval and litter removal, and residual treatments with carbaryl, cyfluthrin or permethrin in the evening every two to four weeks will eliminate cutworms from spring to fall.

What eats pansies?

There are a few different garden pests that eat pansies. The usual culprits that eat pansies are, spider mites, caterpillars, cutworms, and aphids.

What type of bug hollows out the stock of a tomato?

Cutworms or Tomato worms will do it. (that I know of that would be from what my grandmother warned me of when I started my first (and last) vegetable garden.)

What garden pest is Beer is an effective control for?

Garden snails !!

What is the economic importance of nematodes?

Depending on the species, a nematode may be beneficial plant health. Predatory nematodes will kill garden pests like cutworms and corn earworm moths.

What is the fastest snail?

Speclled Garden Snail is the fastest snail. Moves 55 yards per hour.

What is the fastest snail on earth?

garden snails they are about 0.1 mph

What is an effective home laxative?

a garden hose

What are the fastest vegetables to grow in a hydroponic garden?

tomatoes Radishes or lettuce.

What caterpillars eat carrot tops besides black swallowtails?

Caterpillars enjoy the aboveground vegetation of carrots. Army worms, cutworms, dagger moths, and underwings are caterpillars that often eat on carrots in a garden.

Why Did Mendel Study Garden Peas?

peas are one of the fastest growing plants

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What is the most effective revision of his year my garden has some of the daffodils tulips and the roses.?

This year, my garden has daffodils, tulips, and roses

How effective is Polytarp for assisting in the garden?

Polytarp is very effective for gardens. It keeps your garden from being overridden with pesky weeds. Just place it down where you are planting, and cut areas for the plant to grow through.

What is the safest most effective way to kill grub worms in a vegetable garden?

Spray-N-Grow makes a natural garden pesticide for killing grub worms. It is called "Grub Beater". It is safe and its contents are derived from the neem tree. It will eliminate your grub worms without harming beneficial bugs. Their website is

What is the fastest way to make a chao evolve in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

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Where can I purchase garden decor?

There are many types of Garden decor that will keep animals away but the most effective that I have ever seen is the One headed Buddha Face. It can scare a lot of animals in the garden.

Will a marigold border prevent bugs from entering my garden?

Yes, but it isnt 100% effective.

How do you get rid of moles in the garden?

There are a couple of options. The most effective is by actually trapping them. Usually, moles come into the lawn or garden because they have found a plentiful food source. They primarly eat earthworms, or grubs. By eliminating the moles food source they should just go away. There is nothing you can use to kill earthworms, but if you look in the soil and see grub worms there are plently of products out there to eliminate them.

What kind of flowers deters bugs in a vegetable garden?

Dill deters mites and aphids. Marigolds deter nematodes and tomato worm. Tansy deters cutworms and cabbage worms. Borage is another plant that gets tomato worms. Basil deters mosquitos.

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This year, my garden has daffodils, tulips, and roseswer here...

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How far can the fastest snail travel in an hour?

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What are five insects that would be found in a garden?

Bees, butterflies, green lacewings, ground beetles and lady beetles are five insects that would be found in a garden.Specifically, bees and butterflies enjoy a garden's nectar and pollen. Green lacewings and lady beetles favor preying upon aphids. Ground beetles prefer to control such ground pests as cutworms and root maggots.

Can moth ball flakes kill grubs?

Moth balls are an effective way of killing various insect species. They are particularly effective against garden pests such as grubs.

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