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currently Nhra Top Fuel Dragster (4.42@336mph 1/4mile)(3.735@332mph 1000'), fastest time ever record on a drag strip was 3.86@386mph rocket powered funny car at santa pod dragstrip in 1984, before rcoket cars were banned. Fastest quater mile time(not on a drag strip) was at El Mirage, rocket power dragster 3.225@392mph in 1977

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Fastest racing car?

drag racer

Who invented the first drag racing car?

Wally Parks invented the Drag racing car

The fastest pro stock drag car record?

fastest record drag car

What class of track racing is the fastest?

Drag strip

Different types of car racing?

Types of car racing include: * drag racing * formula 1 racing * nascar racing * street racing

What is the second fastest team sport in the world?

I think it would be NHRA Top Fuel drag racing first and then Indy car second

What is the fastest available car in street racing on MySpace?

The fastest car on Street Racing is the De Tomaso Pantera 27speed/18handling i believe

What is the name of the fastest class of drag racing?

Nhra, Top Fuel Eliminator.

What has the author Patrick J Williams written?

Patrick J. Williams has written: 'The fastest funny car' -- subject(s): Drag racing, Fiction

What is th name of the fastest car in the world?

racing car

What is the fastest car of Italy?

A Racing Farari

What is the g force of a drag racing car?

it is nothing

What is the fastest game in the world?

Badminton is the fastest human powered game other than car racing and rocket racing.

What is the fastest car in drag racer v2?

A McLauren

Who is the fastest Black racing car driver?


What is the fastest racing car in the world?

bugatti veyron

When was the drag racing car invented?

Drag racing cars were not invented. They developed. People were "DRAG" racing cars before the word "DRAGRACE" was invented. Acceleration racing of cars was done in the early 1900's and became a sport much later.

How much does a drag racing car cost?

220000000 dolla

What is the alltime winningest model car drag racing?


When was drag racing started?

Not too long after the car was invented.

What is drag in auto racing?

Drag is the Force of the Wind on the car that usually slows the vehicle down.

What are mustangs best at?

If you're talking about Mustangs as in the Ford car, drag racing or racing. :D

Who invented drag racing?

Wally Parks invented the Drag racing car Wally Parks invented NHRA Drag Racing. The cars evolved from dry-lakes roadsters and stripped down 'flivvers' of the late 40s.

Is a drag racing car the fastest thing on earth?

It depends what you define as "fastest". Dragsters, specifically the top fuel dragster can have up to 8000hp. They are, bar NOTHING the fastest ACCELERATING vehicle on the planet. But, things such as rockets will make a higher top speed.

Where did Drag Racing begin?

It may have begun in southern California. The drag racing car can not be attributed to one individual. "Big Daddy" Don Garlits is considered the "father of modern racing."