Flightless Birds

What is the fastest flightless bird?

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2017-09-27 10:43:36

The fastest flightless bird is the ostrich. Yes, it can sprint

as fast as a horse galloping.


An ostrich can sprint at 65 Kilometres per hour (40 miles per

hour) and an emu can sprint at 50 kph, or 30 mph. The ostrich can

also maintain a cruising speed of 50kph.

There aren't too many bird that actually live in land but a few I

can think of would be the burrowing owl, bee-eaters, parakeets, and

mud swallows. The fastest of this group would be the swallow - when

it is flying of course. While they are in land all these birds are

pretty much stationary.

Contrary to popular belief the Ostrich is the fastest running bird

and has been known to reach speeds as high as 40 miles per


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