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The fastest kart in Mario Kart wii is the Jetsetter.

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What the fastest bike Mario Kart?

Bullet bike is the fastest bike in mario kart wii.

What is the fastest kart or bike in Mario kart wii?

kart: jetsetter bike: spear

What is the fastest small kart in Mario kart wii?

The Mini Beast.

Fastest kart in Mario Kart wii?

Get a heavy character, get the spear bike.

What is the fastest vehicle on Mario Kart wii?


Can you connect Mario kart ds to Mario kart Wii?

No, you cannot connect Mario kart ds to Mario kart wii.

Is Daisy in Mario Kart?

Daisy is in Mario Kart DS&Mario Kart Wii. Baby Daisy is in Mario Kart Wii.

What is the second fastest kart or bike in Mario kart wii?

The Torpedo/Spear (large bike) is the second fastest.

How do you get metal Mario in Mario Kart Wii?

Metal Mario is not in Mario Kart Wii. The first Mario Kart game Metal Mario was a playable character in is Mario Kart 7, which came out after Mario Kart Wii.

Is there Mario Kart Wii 2?

No, there is no Mario Kart Wii 2, but there will be a Mario Kart on the 3DS by the end of this year, and it is extremely likely that there will be a Mario Kart on the Wii U.

What is the difference between super Mario Kart wii and just Mario Kart wii?

Super Mario Kart is not for Wii.

IS Mario Kart 7 out for wii?

No. Mario Kart 7 is ONLY for the 3DS. Mario Kart Wii is not the same thing as Mario Kart 7.

How many Mario Kart wii games is there?

There is only one Mario Kart Wii game, but there are currently (Winter 2017) 7 other Mario Kart games: - Super Mario Kart (SNES) - Mario Kart Super Circuit (GBA) - Mario Kart 64 (N64) - Mario Kart Double Dash (GCN) - Mario Kart DS (DS) - Mario Kart Wii (Wii) - Mario Kart 7 (3DS/2DS) - Mario Kart 8 (WiiU)

What are all the Mario Kart games?

Super mario kart, Mario kart 64, Mario kart: super circuit, Mario kart: Double dash!!, Mario kart Arcade GP, Mario kart DS, Mario kart arcade GP 2, Mario kart WII, Mario kart 7, Mario kart arcade GP DX and Mario kart 8.

Is kakem the magikoopa in Mario Kart wii?

No, Kamek is not in Mario Kart Wii.

How do you get the dragonetti on Mario Kart Wii?

dragonetti isn't in Mario kart wii

Who is rob in Mario kart Wii?

rob ain't in Mario kart wii

When was Mario Kart Wii created?

Mario Kart Wii was created in 2011.

When did Mario Kart Wii happen?

Mario Kart Wii happened in 2008.

How do you get the retro cups in Mario Kart wii?

Do the last level on Mario kart wii

How do you unlock wiggler in Mario Kart wii?

Wiggler is not unlockable in Mario Kart Wii.

How do you unlock the gomba for Mario Kart Wii?

there is no goomba to unlock in Mario kart wii

What should you get Pokemon soul silver or Mario kart wii?

mario kart wii

How do you say Wii Mario Kart in spanish?

wii del kart de Mario

How do you earn rob in Mario Kart wii?

Rob isn't a character on Mario Kart Wii. He's only on Mario Kart DS.

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