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What is the fastest sea creature in the world how fast is it?

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Swordfish can swim up to 110 km/h (68 mph).

It's difficult to measure but numerous source say it's the sail fish but that was when it was leaping and only for short bursts. The dolphin is the fastest swimmer over longer distances (when alarmed), but perhaps the the killer whale is faster being able to catch anything it chases.

It also depends on what and how it's measured (short distance) vs. long distance, or jumping/leaping, etc.

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The swordfish is the fastest sea creature

The fastest sea creature in the world is believed to be the sailfish, which can reach speeds of up to 110 kilometres per hour.

The fastest sea creature is the Atlantic Sailfish. It can swim at an astonishing 68 mph!

The Peregrine Falcon is the fastest creature of the animal kingdom clocked at 389 km/h (242 mph)

The fastest sea creature (so far) is the swordfish. It can reach speeds up to 75mph.

Sea lions can swim up to 25 miles an hour. This is the fastest recorded by a California sea lion, which is the fastest species of a sea lion.

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The fastest animal on earth is the Peregrine Falcon. It can fly at speeds of 55 mph horizontally, but when flying downwards they reach speeds of over 270 mph. This speed can not be match by any other animal in the world, be it on land, sea or sky.

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It is the sailfish that is the fastest of the sea animals.

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