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by the concept supel steller.

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Fastest speed reached using a car what type of car was used?

353 the scca

What is the fastest speed ever recorded in a F1 car?

I think a F1 car has reached 248 miles per hour before, i think its Mercedes! I am not sure.

How fast was the fastest car in 1889?

The first recognizable car in 1886 reached a top speed of about 10 mph.

What is the fastest speed ever recorded for an F1 car?

374 mph

Where was the fastest car made?

The fastest car ever made is the German masterpiece the Bugatti Veyron reaching a top speed of 267mph !! :D

What is the fastest car ever made by ford motor company?

When you say fastest what are you referring to? Fastest top speed, fastest 1/4 mile, fastest 0-60 time?

Which car has 1500 kph speed?

No car has ever run at a speed of 1500 kph (932 mph). The fastest production car is the Bugatti Veyron which has a top speed of 431 kph (267 mph). The fastest car ever built was the Thrust SSC with a top speed achieved of 1232 kph (766 mph) in 1997. It was powered by 2 jet engines.

What is the fastest land speed for a car?

The current land speed record is held by ThrustSSC, a twin Rolls-Royce jet engine powered car. It reached a speed of 763 mph on October 15, 1997.

What is the fastest speed in Mph that a wheel driven car that is street legal in the US has reached?

In Nevada, on U.S Route 93, the Ultimate Aero TT reached 256.18 mph.

What is the fastest recorded speed in Nascar history?

Rusty Wallace tested a car at Talladega in 2004 on which the car had its restrictor plate removed. The car reached a top-end speed of 228 miles per hour on the backstretch and had an average lap speed of 221 mph.

What car on age of speed is the fastest?

the muscle car

Is it bugatti veryon the fastest car on land?

No it's the fastest ever production car, so its the fastest car you can legally drive on the road. The fastest ever car is the Thrust SSC which did 763 mph over the distance of a mile.

What is the fastest car in the country?

its not a lamboghini the fastest car in the country is the bugatti veyron which is also the fastest car in the world with a top speed of 253mph.

What is the fastest car in need for speed underground?

The Nissan skyline is the fastest

Which is the fastest car in the world ever?

the fastest and the best car is the newest upcoming 'FORD GT' the best and the fastest

What speeds can cars reach?

Your average car can reach speeds of up to 230km\h. The highest speed reached ever by a car is 413km\h.

What is the worlds most fastest car ever?

.The most fastest car would have to be a SSC ULTIMATE AERO: 257mph, 0-60 in 2.7 secs. Twin-Turbo V8 Engine with 1183 hpAs of today, the world's fastest car ever is the Thrust SSC which holds the world land speed record with 763 mph.

What is the fastest Chevrolet car?

The fastest Chevrolet car is the corvette zr1 it has a maximum speed of 190mph 360kph

What is the fastest brabus car?

The fastest Brabus car is the Brabus TKR, which has a top speed of 270 mph.

What is the fastest selling car?

Super Shelby Ultimate Aero is the fastest car! Top speed: 270mph

What is the fastest burnuout paradise city car?

The fastest in all is the speed hot rod that you have to pay for in the speed pack. The fastest one you don't have to pay for is the Walmart Formula 1 car.

Speed of the fastest car?

741 mph

Speed of fastest car in the world?


Is koeinisnegg second fastest car?

No, the Bugatti Veyron is the second fastest car ever made.

What is the eighth fastest car in the world?

The eighth fastest production car ever is the Enzo Ferrari