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I have this same issue. My parents never got married. My dad's right was to see me, so he did not have legal custody of me. It varies with different families, but the father has legal custody to see you and it varies if he can have custody to have you.


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If the mother is not married to the father, he has no rights period, even if living with her. see link below

Fathers with parental rights are not always listed on the birth certificate.

The answer depends on the state where you live, but generally not. Most fathers, particilarly if not married to the mother, have fewer rights.

No, not unless you and the mother were married. You will need to go to family court and GET your rights.

As long as the mans name is on the birth certificate, they have the same exact rights as a man who is married to their child's mother. If your name is not on the birth certificate, you have no rights to the child at all.

No, he has the same rights as single fathers, none until granted them.

Unless the stepfather has legally adopted the children, he has no built-in legal right to them.

He has no rights to sign over. He has to request release from financial obligation from the courts.

if the father has not signed he has no rights to the child unless he take you to court and gets a DNA test done. until that happens the father has no rights what so ever but if he has signed the father would have the same rights as the mother

If you were not married when the child arrived the legal custody lies with the mother. The father have to prove paternity in court before he can get his parental rights.

If married they have equal rights to the child. If not married the father have right to sign the birth certificate and prove paternity in court so he can petition for visitation, custody and also pay child support. So he have to go to court to get his rights while the mother does not since there are witnesses she is the mother. So yes, a father def have rights to his child. If the mother or another man sign the birth certificate he can go to court and change it providing a DNA test for proving paternity.

In the UK, if you are married when your children are born, you both automatically have parental rights. If you are not married, then you have to apply for parental responsibility rights, if the mother does not want to share that with you. This can be done by court order. After 2003, if not married but father is written on the birth certificate, that is enough to have parental responsibility and all that that entails. Not sure how it is for you guys in the USA!

Biological fathers have the right to see their children just as much as biological mothers. If they are not married to the mother, t hey may have to prove they are the father by taking a paternity test.

Single fathers have no parental rights until court ordered. A glass ceiling scenario, only the fathers are relegated to the subbasement of equal rights.

She can't decide that but she can petition the court to do so.

He has no rights if he is paying. Single fathers abort their rights to the child at the time of conception. Only a court can grant them any rights. see link

Single fathers have no rights in any state see link below

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