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What is the favorite food of akita neru?

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I think it might be lemons.

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Akita Neru has a little brother named Nero or in some places Naru.

Akita Neru ain't a Vocaloid from the start.

No....she has triplets , Kinea and Natar.

No. She is just a fanmade Vocal with Miku and Rin's voice.

Akita Neru is supposedly the newer of the Vocaloids in the Vocaloid vocal software. She's the one represented by the girl with the long blonde hair in a single side ponytail-and may more commonly have a cellphone or gameboy of some kind in her hand.

Yowane Haku is a voyakiloid, it basically means a failure vocaloid. I don't yet know what neru is though, sorry!

'Pattern' in ? Anyway, Akita Neru is not a Vocaloid. She is a BOUKAloid. Technically, she's a fanmade Vocaloid based off of Hatsune Miku. But back to the main idea...what do you mean 'pattern' ?um...... to Let You Know Neru Akita is Not a Fan Made Charther she is a a Real Charther her number is 02 and she is in Project Diva and Her Voice is Not Miku she has her own voice some fun girls or so like to use mikus as neru voice and she has a lot of coustumes just wanted to let you know >.<

Lamaze-P (ラマーズP) wrote it.

Since Vocaloid's character personalities are all made by fans, virtually every Vocaloid could potentially like Len. But Akita Neru has, canonically, been the one with a crush on Len for awhile. I curently am dating him so akita neru has to wait until another boy vocaloid comes out

Neru is a fan-made derived character of Miku Hatsune so technically she is not a true Vocaloid. She does not have her own voice library and instead, many users use an altered pitch and tone Miku to represent her voice, and in some cases, Rin.

She's a fanmade spinoff of Miku, made by editing Miku's voice, like Mikuo or Zatsune. So, fanmade vocaloid but not an UTAU.

This is the only answers i know ^_^ Hatsune Miku Rin Kagamine Len Kagamine Luka Megurine Meiko Kaito Akita Neru Kasane Teto Yowane Haku While these are certainly all characters used in Vocaloid videos and such, there are several more and Neru and Haku are fanmade, while Teto is a popular UTAU.

Nutro dog food is really good for an akita because it keeps them healthy and helps them grow. Thanks ERIC

The Vocaloids who appear are Meiko Sakine who is basically a younger version of MEIKO. Rin and Len Kagamine, Miku Hatsune, KAITO, and Yowane Haku. There is also Teto Kasane an UTAUloid, and Neru Akita a popular fanmade.

There is currently no Vocaloid with a blonde ponytail. There is, however, a fanmade, Neru Akita, who has a long side ponytail and yellow hair. Lily also has blonde hair, there may have been a PV of one of her songs with it done up in a ponytail.

a doberman pinscher is well stronger and would kill an akita if attacked! I think a doberman would be stronger an akita will not kill it an akita will not kill it an akita will not kill it

what obama's favorite food? what obama's favorite food? what obama's favorite food? what obama's favorite food?

Akita is the name of a city in Japan where the dog breed Akita Inu is believed to have originated from.

akita inu is a purebred dog . But many so call " American Dog Professionals "claimed it's a designer dog . Mayb this is due to that American akita looks different with Akita Inu ( which is Japanese ) . American akita is a separate breed from the Akita Inu.

Regular dog food (dry or canned) in the correct amounts and water.

The Akita Inu is generally smaller than the Japanese Akita. They both look the same in every way except height :)

Her favorite color is green, and her favorite TYPE of food is West Indian food and Thai food.

10 - 12 years - but feeding it the right food will play a factor towards this i.e. by feeding it large breed food (which is good) Also, due to advanced medication, an akita can live up to 15 years. By, M

Akita Sanesue was born in 1576.

Akita Prefecture's population is 1,106,050.

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