What is the fear of drinking sour milk?


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Acer-phobia the fear of things tasting the are sour from being spoiled or rotten when tasted without prompting. Milk gone bad. things curdling without purpose or the aged bitter sour tastes from etc. items.


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Sour milk might be distasteful but usually is not harmful.

No he keeps drinking sour milk

Sour milk is milk that is off. You drink, you get diarrhoea. So don't drink sour milk.

Yes cottage chesse is made from sour milk no it is not made from sour milk it is milk crds

Sour milk is a mixture, not a compound.

Milk going sour is an example of the oxidation process. The example of the oxidation process in sour milk is a result of the effect of oxygen on the milk which causes the milk to sour.

No Your right sour milk can never be too sour for an recipe.. I agree with you on that one.

Sour milk contains lactic acid.

Yes, sour milk is an acid. The lactic acid makes the milk acidic, milk is said to be sour when it is at a pH level of 4.3-4.5 (acidic) Yes, sour milk is an acid. The lactic acid makes the milk acidic, milk is said to be sour when it is at a pH level of 4.3-4.5 (acidic)

Lactic acid is found in sour milk.

Lactic Acid is present in sour milk.

Sour milk is an alkali contain different alkalis in it.

No, sour milk becomes sour due to the presence of an acidknown as lactic acid.

Yes, milk turning sour is a chemical change because you cannot turn sour milk back into normal milk, for it contains bacteria.

no it does not keep milk from going sour and if it did why would you put it in your milk.

Sour milk is at the top of my major sour list.

Milk going sour is a chemical change.

Nope. Sour cream has to do with One certain ingredient and Sour ice cream is like sour milk but the sour in the ice cream is the milk:)

Yes, when you drink milk and go outside and play in the sun, it causes the milk to go sour in your stomache, much like if you left a gallon of milk in a hot car.

Milk turning sour is a chemical change.

Sour milk <3<3 ily <3<3

Cheese and Sour Milk contain Lactic Acid

sour milk is never safe to drink

Sour cream is produced by fermentation and the "sour" applies to its taste. Milk sours because of the acid inside of it.

no because if you put sour milk in a cake it would make you sick if you ate the cake

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