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A male cat is referred to as a tom, and an unspayed female is called a queen. Spayed females are sometimes called a molly.

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In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses gender specific nouns for male or female; for example:.A tomcat is a male cat. A female cat is called a molly, if they have kittens they are called a queen.A female cat may also be know as a tabby cat, although tabby can also refer to coloring.

According to Wikipedia, a female cat is called a molly or a queen. The mother cat is is called a dam, especially if it has a pedigree.

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It would be a molly or a queen, though folks hardly use those terms and just call them a girl cat.

The offspring of a tomcat is a kitten. The male is called a tomcat, the female is called a queen, and the offspring from both are kittens.

The tomcat by Don marquis is about a bad tomcat who wants to do harm to others.

A tomcat is a male cat and it only differs from a cat by its anatomy. Tomcat has many different meanings. For humans a tomcat is a man who has many sexual partners.

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well, since a tomcat is the term for a male cat, i suppose there is no female tomcat. But, a female cat is often called a "queen".

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The noun 'tomcat' is a gender specific noun for a maledomestic cat.

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The female cat is called a "queen" (how appropriate). The male cat is a "tom" or "tomcat"

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