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Hair color has no gender. A 'blond' is a person with blond hair, no matter their gender.

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The feminine form is blonde, while the masculine form is blond.

In french ? Feminine = Blonde - Masculine = Blond

'blonde' (fem.) or 'blond' (masc.). When pronouncing the masculine 'blond', the final 'd' is muted, whereas the feminine 'blonde' is pronounced much in the way English speakers do.

"What? Your blonde has arrived" is an English equivalent of the French phrase "Quoi? Ta blonde est arrivée."Specifically, the interrogative "quoi" means "what." The feminine possessive adjective "ta" means "your. " The feminine "blonde" means "blond female." The verb "est arrivée" means "(She) has arrived."The pronunciation is "kwah tah bloh-deh-tah-ree-veh."

the word blonde is originated in late 17th century from French. It is the feminine of blond. This word comes from medieval latin blundus which mean yellow and THAT word could be Germanic.Hope this helpstwilight maniac

Bella ragazza bionda is a literal Italian equivalent of the English phrase "beautiful blonde girl." The feminine singular phrase also translates as "beautiful blonde girlfriend" in English. The pronunciation will be "BEL-la ra-GAT-tsa BYON-da" in Italian.

There are 12 shades: Bright golden blonde Dark ash blonde Honey blonde Light ash blonde Light golden blonde Light plale blonde Light white blonde Medium ash blonde Medium golden blonde Platiunum blonde Soft medium blonde Strawberry blonde

Remember foreign language classes? The masculine and feminine forms of words? Well, because the word came from French in the 17th century, that’s exactly what we’re dealing with: blonde is the feminine form of the noun, and blond is the masculine form.So, adhering to that rule, a blonde is a woman with fair hair and a blond is a man with fair hair.This seems dumb. It is. Here’s a way around it: Don’t call people their hair color. “Blond” is the more common spelling of the adjective—for example, “that person has blond hair”—and, especially in the United States, can be used to describe anyone’s hair, regardless of their gender.

Yes, you are still blonde even when it's dirty blonde. The darkest blonde is ginger blonde, which is a very dark blonde.

Elle est une blonde. or C'est une blonde.She is a blondeElle est blonde.She is blonde.

A bottle blonde is someone who dyed their hair blonde. (Someone That wasn't born blonde.)We call it, "Blonde out of a bottle!"

blonde woman -- femme blonde

Aly Will is very blonde. She's not just blonde on the outside. She's blonde on the inside. She always has her blonde moments. But you gotta love her!

"Hello, beautiful blonde!" and "Hi, blonde beauty!" are English equivalents of the Italian phrase Ciao, bella bionda!Specifically, the greeting ciao is "bye, goodbye, hello, hi" according to context. The feminine adjective bella means "beautiful." The feminine adjective/noun bionda translates as "blonde."The pronunciation will be "tchow* BEL-la BYON-da" in Italian.*The sound is similar to that in the English exclamation "Ow!"

An ash blonde is a shade of blonde with a hint of grey in it.

Yes. I am blonde and have blonde pubic hair, although it is very rare.

Go to the salon and get it bleach blonde

i'd say blonde seeing as his mother was blonde, kim was blonde, haileys also blonde & he is or at least used to be blonde.. blondes surround his life lol.. maybe he has a thing for blondes.

The blonde stereotype is found unfair to many people because they are blonde. By telling a blonde joke, you are basically saying that all blonde people are stupid.

Africans can't have blonde hair unless they dye it blonde.

eau is feminineeau is feminine

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