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Two strings are needed to string a tennis racket. The length of the string is to be about 11 to 12 meters.


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It varies because racket head sizes vary and different types of rackets with a different number of cross strings and main strings. But it tends to have roughly 40 feet of string in a racket.

The head of a tennis racket is the entire section of the strings, and the part of the frame that surrounds the strings.

a prestrung racket is basically a tennis racket without the strings.

It depend on the kind of racket it is if it is a over size racket it has more string then a normal racket.

Yes, kicking the strings on your racket will damage the strings to some degree, depending on how hard you kick them. A light tap usually doesn't damage the strings, but a good kick could damage them.

the strings in a tennis racquet are simply called "strings".

The curved head frame holds the strings.

The maximum weight of badminton racket is 95 grams including the strings.

This depends on what you mean by "how many". If you mean how many individual pieces of string are used when stringing a racket the number would probably be one or two pieces. If by how many you wish to know the number of times the strings cross the head or the racket, the answer would vary by racket. The number of times the strings cross is called the "string pattern". To know this information you would have to look on the racket, probably around the throat and look for a number that looks something like "16x18" that means that there are 16 crosses and 18 mains. (Crosses span the narrower part of the head and can be described as running horizontally. The mains span the longer part of the head and are can be described as running vertically.)

The little ball on your squash racket is used to absorb the shock when you hit the ball. Once you get your strings changed, though, you no longer need the ball because the strings that you get put on your racket are generally better than the ones that your racket came with. If you take off the little ball with the original strings, you will probably be able to feel a little difference when you hit the ball (it might vibrate a little).

there are two types of Badminton Strings, strings made of natural guts material or synthetic material.

Badminton racket weigh between 75 and 95 grams including the strings.

Changing a racket takes a few weeks to get used to. If you like your racket and you feel comfortable playing with it, then I consider just changing the strings. If you don't feel comfortable with your racket and you feel that you can do better with another one then just get a new racket altogether. It really just depends on your racket and if it feels comfortable to use.

Racket, shuttle, net, strings, Grip.

tennis racket, tennis balls, a court, and you of course Frame Racquet head Strings The grip The ball Shoes and socks Shirts Shorts and skirts Accessories

it can be from 2$ systhetic gut to a 45$ natural gut

The head The throat The shaft The grip The strings

The six parts of a tennis racket include the strings, the head, the beam, and the shaft. The other two parts are the grip and the throat.

It it depends upon the string pattern. Different rackets have a different amount of cross strings and mainstrings, thus different number of holes.

Tennis racket strings today are made out of synthetic materials, such as:NylonPolyesterKelvarVectranZyexPolyolefinMetal Wire

i study chemistry and physics, we recently worked out a formula to find out how much tennis racket's weigh. there are 5 steps to this formula; 1. count the strings on the rackets. 2. divide that number by the number of handles the racket has. 3. 4. use step 3 to determine the volume. 5. place racket in bath water and look at how the water is displaced. this will give you a number which should appear by the taps.

This is a personal preference. The tighter the strings are the more control you have, and the looser the strings are the more power you have. Basically, you want somewhere in between, not too tight, but not too loose either.

The butt end of the racket should face down, because otherwise you would be holding the strings and not the handle of the racquet.

a shuttlecock and a racket and the players

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