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What is the fine for driving 93 MPH in a 65 MPH zone in Harris county TX?


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Since it is over 25 miles above the speed limit, it is up to the judge. Above the limit at 21-24 is $271.00 minimum.

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In Florida, fines are doubled for speeding in a construction or school zone. Fines vary by county in Florida. You should check with your county clerk in order to assess your fine.

Each county will have a different fine for speeding. However, construction zone fines are doubled and the average cost in a construction zone is $250.

The amount of points you get for driving above the speed limit depends on the county you are in and the area in which you were speeding. For example, a person speeding in a school zone would receive more points than someone speeding on a highway.

im Missouri its $10 per mph over the speed limit, and its $20 per mph in a double fine zone

$75 unless you take driving school, then $115 (I'm assuming cook county Illinois)

In the state of Illinois, the fine for a speeding ticket will depend on your location and how fast you were over the limit. 35 miles per hour over the limit will result in a fine of $95. If it was in a school zone, the fine is $150. In a work zone it can be as high as $375.

I just got a ticket in December for the same thing, and the fine I had to pay was $180. If you go to traffic school you can get the points removed from your record.

98% of Texas is in the Central Time Zone. At the western tip of the state, El Paso County and Hudspeth County next to it, as well as a couple of places in neighboring Culberson County, are in the Mountain Time Zone.

If you are going 89 miles an hour in a 55 mph zone, what happens depends on where you are and if a cop catches you. If you are in Virginia and some other states, it is a big fine plus 90 days in jail. In other states it is about an $100 fine. Other places are in between.

Speeding in CA can be very expensive. The fine goes up as the speed goes up and added to it are additional costs of process fees, a fee for taking a driving class to keep it off of the driving record, and court fees. There are also added fees if you get a ticket in a construction zone.

Is it a speeding ticket? In Michigan, it's a reckless driving - go to jail, 8pts, and 2k +.

In Georgia: It will vary based on the jurisdiction and court ruling of the location where you received the ticket.

California is in the Pacific Time Zone. Most of Texas is in the Central Time Zone. El Paso, Hudspeth County, and northwestern Culberson County are in the Mountain Time Zone. When it is 9 am in California, it is 11 am in most of Texas and 10 am in El Paso, Hudspeth County, and northwestern Culberson County.

That's really bad one. Usually the fine doubles in construction zones, however, it may even end up in an arrest (reckless driving and public endangerment), depending on how fast you were going. In a school zone and depending on the state you live in, it is double fine plus an additional $ 100 for every 10 mph you went over the limit and including arrest with a reckless driving charge also. It is pretty bad situation to be caught in, SLOW DOWN!!

i live in woodland hills, was doing 43 in a 30 and my ticket without traffic school is 220!!

fine aggregate zone classification codes

The police officer does not set the fine. The fine is based on state law. That is determined by your speed and where you were speeding. In a school zone, and construction zone, the fine is more.

How much will i have to pay for a speeding ticket going 82mph on 65mph zone in LA County?

Fines are normally Double for violating the speed limit in a construction zone.

If the police say you were going 57 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone, how much will your fine be

MPH Over Limit Fine 1–15 $146.00 16–25 $266.00 26 and over $380.00

the answer there is I'm Fine...

Whatever they fine you probaly isn't enough. The idea behind the fine is to encourage people to not do that. If it didn't stop you then the threat of the law isn't enough of a threat to you. When you drive that way you endanger everyone on the road who is near you. That speed may be considered reckless driving and if the judge agrees you could be charged a really large fine and loose driving privileges.

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