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Any of several ants of the genus Solenopsis, especially S. geminata or S. saevissima of the southern United States and tropical America, that build large mounds and can inflict a painful sting.

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Q: What is the fire ants real name?
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What is the scientific name for the fire ant?

I think the scientific name for fire ants are double color ants or flame ants

Do fire ants sting or bite?

Fire ants sting and do not the way my name is arnav and emai

Where do fire ants get their name?

From the stings which give you the sensation of being on fire.

What is the scientific name for a red ant?

The scientific name for a red ant is Solenopsis. They can also be referred to as fire ants, red harvester ants, or ginger ants, and they are ants that can sting.

Are fire ants harmful to dogs?

fire ants can kill dogs, only if there is allot of fire ants on the dog. fire ants can also kill people but only if there is allot of fire ants on the person.

Are fire ants poisonous?

No. But their sting does hurt. Hence their name "fire" ant.

Who are fire ants?

Fire ants are insects that have a venomous bite. If humans are bitten, there is a massive burning sensation on the affected area, similar to a burn from fire. This is where the fire ant gets its name.

Are red ants the same as fire ants?

'Fire ants' generally refer to ants in the genus Solenopsis, or Wasmannia auropunctata (the 'little fire ant').'Red ants' is a common name that is applied to a wide variety of red colored ants. It is occasionally used for 'red imported fire ants' (Solenopsis invicta), but also applied to red harvester ants, the 'European fire ant' (Myrmica rubra), and a number of other ant species. The usage is generally regional.

What are red headed ants called?

nicknamed "Fire" ants couldn't tell you the exact scientific name

What is the flying ants real name?

queen bee

What eats fire ants?

Armidillos eat fire ants.

Why do fire ants bite?

why do fire ants bite is it for defense

Why are fire ants called fire ants?

They are called Fire Ants because their bites burn just like fire. It hurts, burns, and stings.

Are there fire ants in New York?

Fire ants do not exist in New York. There are many species of ants that do look similar to fire ants that exist in New York.

What is the difference between ants and fire ants?

fire ants can kill you and ants can't.

Army fire and carpenter are types of what insect?

These are all types of ants

What fire ants eats?


What is an fire ants behavior?

Fire ants have a tendency to bite people.

How many legs do fire ants have?

Fire ants have six legs.

Where do fire ants get there name from?

Their stings burn like a fierce flame

Common name and scientific name of ants?

the real common and scientific name is the name ant

What is Adam ants real name?

Stuart Leslie Goddard

What was Adam's Ants real name?

Stuart Leslie Goddard.

How long does fire ants live?

Fire ants live to about 3 months.

Is a fire ant a reptile?

No- fire ants are insects like other ants.