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Each species of firefly has it's own distinctive flash pattern. The females "recognize" the right pattern and then signals to the male. Interestingly, there are fireflies that mimic the flash pattern of females of other species, and thereby lure the males to join them for a last meal.

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What flying insect only comes out at night?


What Night Flying insect Emits light?


This flying insect lights up the night?


Why are some female fireflies wingless from Erin age 10?

Because most female fireflies do little flying.

Are fireflies attracted to bug zappers?

A bug Zapper attracts flying insects that are attracted to light. Fireflies prefer to stay in shaded areas, as the light makes it difficult to locate other fireflies.

What flying insect light up the night?

fireflies light up the night

What are characteristics of fireflies?

Fireflies live in grass. The males are the ones generally seen lighting up as the females watch and wait for a pattern they like in which case they will fly to him and let him know they like him by repeating his pattern.

What are the swarm of flying insects that come out at night and are attracted to light?

Lightening bugs are a swarm of flying insects that come out at night and are attracted to light. These could also be called fireflies.

What are fireflies looking for when they flash their lighted abdomens at night?

Most fireflies produce short, rhythmic flashes in a pattern that is characteristic of the species and an important mating signal.

What is the song fireflies about?

When Adam was a kid, he would ride his bike down the street. In the summer the air was so filled with fireflies that he would crash into them and they would go flying in different directions. (Information from an interview with Young Hollywood.)

What kind of insects fireflies eat?

Fireflies can eat other fireflies.

Can some fireflies swim?

fireflies can swim

Collective noun of fireflies?

a swarm of fireflies

Why is the song fireflies called fireflies?

because the song is about fireflies and how the singer is around them alot abd such :))

Is is fireflies by owlcity or is it owlcity fireflies?

yeah the song is called fireflies and it's by owl city

Why do fireflies flash their lights?

Fireflies use their light to attract other fireflies for the purpose of mating.

Is a firefly a arachnid?

No, a firefly is not an arachnid, it is an insect. There is different kinds of fireflies, like Black fireflies, Eastern fireflies, Photuris species fireflies, etc.

Does it hurt a firefly to remove it's light?

yes. the fireflies light is an important part of the fireflies body and removing it will not kill it instantly but it will disable the insect from flying and walking. there is also a chance of pulling the fireflies stomach organ out with the light however the stomach is to small to see with the naked eye. it will hurt and eventually kill the firefly if you remove the light from its abdomen

Did Justin Bieber sing the song 'Fireflies'?

No. The song 'Fireflies' was sung by the band 'Owl City'.

How big are fireflies?

fireflies are about an inch to an inch and half

Are fireflies a type of beetle?

No fireflies are not a type of beetle.

Are fireflies invertebrates?

Fireflies are insects and classified as invertebrates.

What genre of music is the song 'Fireflies'?


How many fireflies are there in the song Fireflies?

"Fireflies" by Owl City talks about "ten million fireflies," but also mentions "ten thousand lightning bugs. If you mean how many times the word "fireflies" is said in the song, it is said twice.

What is the song fireflies is about?

The song "Fireflies" by Adam Young (Owl City) was basically him writing about a reoccurring dreams he had about fireflies. :)