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1 8 4 3 6 5 7 2 the factory intake manifold has it embossed on the manifold

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Q: What is the firing order for a 1987 Chevrolet Iroc Z28 305 TPI?
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What is the firing order for a 1988 Iroc?


What is the firing order for a 1991 Chevrolet Iroc Z28 305 TPI?

1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 clockwise on dist. cap.

Can you install a 1991 Camaro iroc steering column in a 1987 Camaro iroc?

There were no IROC Camaros in 1991

What is the top speed on a 1990 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z Coupe?

103 mph

What is the firing order on a 1986 camaro iroc z28?


Did Chevrolet make a 1986 Z28 that wasn't an iroc-z?

Yes, they did iroc and Z28's are a little different, but i have just a regular Z28 most iroc's a tombport as regular Z28's do not.

1987 IROC Z-28Did they build a roller cam 305?


I am buying a 1987 Camaro with a 350 5.7L engine Is it an IROC or a Z28?

It's an IROC Z28. They are the same thing. they were the same in between 86-69(not positive on those years). iroc stands for international race of champions. once the license to use the name expired, the iroc z28 returned to just z28.

What is the firing order for a 1985 Chevy Iroc Z28 5.0L 305 tune port injection?

1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 clockwise on distributor cap.

How many 1989 iroc-z camaros were made?

The 1989 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z (RPO Code 1FP87) was built in a coupe and convertible options. The available powertrains for the IROC-Z were the LO3, LB9, and L98 8-cylinder engines with 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmissions. 20,067 IROC-Z coupes and 3.245 convertibles were built that year.

Which years did Dale Earnhardt Sr. race in IROC?

Dale Sr. competed in 59 IROC (International race of Champions) races over 17 years.1980, 1984, 1987-2001

How many 1987 5.7liter 350 tuneport injection V8 Camaro iroc-z cars were made?

1989 Chevrolet iroc z 5.7 engine dies when shifting into drive or reverse after warmed up?

Probably needs a new Idle speed sensor

Is the distributor same from an 88 iroc 6cly to an 86 iroc 305?


How much horsepower does a stock 1987 Irocz camaro 5.7L 350 enigne have?

The 1987 Iroc-Z with the engine code L98 (350 with Tuned Port Injection) was rated at 225hp.

What ac refrigerant does a 1987 Chevy IROC-Z take 134a or r-12?

A 1987 would have been built with r12. It should be retrofitted to R 134a.

What does the z stand for in iroc z?

It was just an incorporation of the "Z" in Z-28. IROC stood for International Race Of Champions.....from the Nascar IROC races.

Where is horn relay on 1987 camaro z28 iroc?

The convenience center. It is normally between the steering column and the radio pedestal under the dashboard.

Where can you find a diagram of a 1987 Camaro iroc fuse box?

any 87 camaro will have the same fusebox, look in a chiltons repair manual.

Where is cooling fan switch on 1987 camaro z-28 iroc?

This switch is located above the starter solenoid and the exhaust manifold!

What size motor comes in a 1992 iroc Camaro?

There is no such thing as a 1992 IROC Camaro

Did camaro make a iroc-z in a V6?

no, all IROC-Z's were V8s.

What is the quarter mile time for an 89 iroc-z?

Some magazine articles of the day list times as follows.. Car Craft : 1989 IROC Z 305 TPI..15.3 sec. @ 94.7 m.p.h. Car Craft : 1989 IROC Z 1LE 305 TPI..14.70 sec. @ 93.01 m.p.h. Hot Rod : 1987 IROC Z 350 TPI..14.66 sec. @ 96.24 m.p.h. Hot Rod : 1990 IROC Z 350 TPI..14.77 sec. @ 97.7 m.p.h. Motor Trend : 1990 IROC Z 350 TPI..14.4 sec. @ 97.8 m.p.h. Motor Trend : 1988 IROC Z convertible 305 TPI..15.79 @ 89.3 Muscle Car Review : 1990 IROC Z 305 TPI..15.1 @ 91.5 m.p.h. Muscle Car Review : 1990 IROC Z 350 TPI..14.8 @ 93.4 m.p.h.

Is there a 1998 iroc z28?

nope, camaro dropped the iroc sponsorship after '89 then the dodge daytona got it. the camaro was only available in an iroc fron 85-89

How much horsepower does an 1991 camaro iroc-z with a 350 engine have?

the last production year for the iroc z was 1990, there is no such thing as a 1991 iroc z

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