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What is the firing order for a 1990 Dodge 3.3L V6?


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2006-05-18 03:15:18
2006-05-18 03:15:18

For your 1990 DODGE DYNASTY: FIRING ORDER FIRING ORDER 1-2-3-4-5-6 ----- FRONT | 2 1 | OF | 4 3 |DISTRIBUTORLESS VEHICLE | 6 5 | IGNITION ----- Go to and check out their specifications section for this stuff, it's free.


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Let me guess you have a service engine soon light on and the computer is saying it's your Oxygen sensors. Oxygen sensers are normally located on the exhaust pipe, within 12 inches of the exhaust manifold, you will probably have to get underneath the van to see them. I think it's just emissions stuff nothing real important

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Everything is set by the computer. If its not idleing right it is probably a throttle body sensor or a idle control sensor or a number of other things. You need to have it hooked up to the computer to check the codes.

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