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I have a 1995 Saturn Sl1 and the Saturn tech's solution of 4-1-2-3 works perfectly for it as well. YES, it may be different from what others tell you, but isn't it worth a short, if your car is running poorly after a tune-up? In my case I removed all spark wires while changing wires and plugs, and put them back in the 2341 I thought they came off in. It remained really rough until I made the change as specified above.

AnswerHey Denise==It is 1-3-4-2. GoodluckJoe AnswerActually its 4-1-2-3. I am a Saturn tech. Answeractually if you read the manual mr Saturn tech that is supplied with the car it does say the first one not 4 1 2 3 maybe you people should fix your manuals if you don't believe me I'll scan the page, what a misprint, you could ruin your car then Saturn should be sued for putting damaging information in their manuals AnswerThe Saturn Tech is absolutely right. I came to this site trying to find the firing order because mine was askew. I used his answer and my car started up very smoothly.

Thank you for the answer Saturn Tech, it was 100% correct.

Also, i don't know what the thing is the spark plug wires attatch to is called, but if you look at the front of it below the four nodes its labled.

4/2 1/3 4/2 1/3 (Left side/Right Side) Which further proves his answer (too bad i couldn't figure that out for myself.)

4 1 2 3

See how they line up?

Thanks again.


AnswerHello I have a 1996 Saturn Sc2, I just bought it for my girlfriend. It wasn't starting whatsoever, I changed the plugs which were toasted, also added some new gas, and charged the battery for over 24h. I adventually got it running, it seems to idle around 1000rpm,and dies out without the foot on the gas pedal and also has a serious lack of power, I think it is running on 3 cylinders myself. I am thinking several things, wrong type plugs, injectors dirty or clogged, bad wires, and have an incling that the firing order is out of whack, from left to right I have 2341 (all the wires are the seems to be the correct length going to each plug, below on the coils someone has written the numbers on the caps 1234, can you please gimme a hand with this problem.

Thanks Jase Paterson

Answeras far as the car dieing if your foot isn't on the gas you should have the EGR valve checked out. my car was doing the same thing and what happend was the egr valve was clogged with carbon and it was sticking open which causes the car to die. I had my mechanic friend look at it and he was able to clean it out with some carbon cleaner and i didn't have anymore problems with it and that was over a year ago. If the valve is the problem then you should try to see if it can be cleaned b/c they are expensive. The valve is right on top and very easy to get to. Just a suggestion from personal experience. AnswerI don't know what is going on and why there seems to be different firing order information. The Saturn Manual states 1-3-4-2. This site which I have never found to be wrong states 1-3-4-2. Take a look for yourself. Answeraccually, both answers are correct, the fireing order for the motor internals is 1-3-4-2, if you are running the wires from the coil pack to the plugs, the order of the coil pack assembly is 4-1-2-3. during opperation the pulse width from the cranksensor triggers the ignition control module to fire correctly, the control module will send spark through the second tower on the first coil pack first, this is cylinder 1, the next pulse the module will send a spark through the second tower of the second coil, to cylinder 3, and so forth to complete the 1-3-4-2. The reason they alternate coils is to prevent them from overheating, besides, every motor ever created will always start with cylinder 1 fireing first.
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Q: What is the firing order for a 1994 Saturn SC1 1.9L?
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