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What is the firing order for a 1995 Chevy S-10 4.3L?


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2004-05-30 13:10:20
2004-05-30 13:10:20

It is 1-6-5-4-3-2- with 1-3-5 on drivers sid. The #1 is the most foreward position on the cap and the dist turns clockwise.

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The fuel lines around the filter; you will need an adapter.

It should be on the front of the intake manifold directly above and behind the water pump.

Don't know what year you have but some sensors are temperature sensitive and you should run a 195 degree thermostat.

There is one before and one after the catalytic converter.

The EGR valve on your Astrovan is on the backside of the intake manifold just under the throttle body attached by two bolts. After installing a new gasket be sure and torque the BOLTS to 17-18ft lbs or the NUTS (if yours has studs) to 15ft lbs)

Use an exhaust made for an LT1 engine the blocks are identical it is the insides that is different. Will bolt right on.

remove the intake hose and the exhaust port screwed into the egr valve, the remove the two retaining bolts from the intake and clean any old gasket material away. if possible run a piece of wire down the hole to make certain the passage is clear of carbon build up

0 degrees,should say right on the fan shroud on the same sticker that tells the spark plug gap. In order to time it correctly you must unhook the esc electronic spark control wire which is a tan wire with a black stripe located under the black cover on the passenger side firewall. It may set off a service engine soon light. When your done timing it unhook the battery cable and the light should go out.

1993 CHEVROLET K1500 PICKUP V6 4.3 (262) Z GAS engine 4207 PLATINUM PART Gap=.035 4449 PLATINUM+4 Do not Gap HR9BP PLATINUM PLUG Gap=.035 4302 PLATINUM2 Do not Gap HR10BC SUPER PLUG Gap=.035 7585 SUPER PART Gap=.035

all distributors have some kind of centrifugal advance, you will be able to see if you take the distributor cap and rotor off. have a look at the base plate to see.

E`bay --Ebay motors ,,search chevy, blazer s10, I have found and seen motors as low as 600.00, for blazers,If you can`t find it let me know and i`ll find the e`bay store and let you khow what it is.. Jasper engines are the best rebuit engines that I have seen and have a backed up warranty. I'm sure there is a dealer near you that installs them.

You need a special tool, a harmonic balancer puller. Go to Autozone and they will usually lend you one for free. VBD

I have a '90 so I think it would be the same, on mine it is at the front of the engine on the bottom pulley. (crankshaft pulley or vibration dampener) To view the scale and mark I have to look down, a little on the drivers side of center. Beside the break resivour is a good viewpoint, looking just over the timing light. I have to run the timing pickup coil in through the drivers door or window and into the open doghouse cover. Good luck. God Bless!

Go to your library and see if they have a Chiltons manual otherwise go to a bookstore and buy one, they are cheap. I have never worked on one of the V-6 engines but setting the timing usually involves rotating the distributor and using a timing light. I am not sure if this is the case on computer controlled engines since I have never had to set the timing on any newer car I have worked on. If it is bad and you have a lot of miles, you may have a timing belt going bad. They get loose when they get old and often jump a notch. VBD

as far as i know the 4.3 is a v6 which is actually based off of the 5.7. gm just cut 2 cylindars off if there is a difference it will be the heat range on the plugs for your info, the Chevy 4.3 ltr in a 94-96 caprice is a 265 v-8, do some research before giving info on engines you know nothing about. oh and by the way, the power rating in a stock 4.3 v8 is higher than a stock 5.0 and also the correct answer is NO, the spark plugs are no different than the 305 or the 350.

What year is the gtp, if 95 or newer yes, if gtp is in the 80's then no due to pollution restrictions today, and may have to change the computers from each vehicle. Each computer is set to specs for the engine it controls.

first check to see if your getting voltage to your fuel pump. go to the connector at the rear of the truck. check voltage. should have 12 volts. if you do have 12 volts your pump has gone bad. this happens some times. if you don`t have voltage find your fuel pump relay. (right side kick panel) see if it comes on. on some models the relay is built into the computer box. if it is in the computer box the computer box needs to be replaced. also check to see if your fuel pump fuze is blown.

Several possabilities. One is a bad PCV valve if it leads to that bank of cyl. Another is the intake gasket for that side of the engine. Worst case, but not likely as it is affecting all of the cyl, is a failed head gasket. One question, are the plugs fouling with fuel or oil? If over fueling, it could also be an injector or injector wireing issue. Could it also be bad oxygen sensors? If there are four oxygen sensors on this van, and the one for the right bank of cylinders is giving the wrong reading, that could cause this problem. Seems unlikely, though.

um start with the old compresion check jack um could be anything burt piston rings to timing being off i would suggest a complete tune up then compression check then if that's ok start checking voltage outputs of the coil/paks and ignition and emmisions controls sensors ect......AnswerIt sounds like what my '94 was doing. It ended up being the fuel pressure Common problem with 1995 4.3 w central port injection is that the injector lines and fuel regulator under the intake plenum are plastic and begin to leak and literally pour fuel through the system. I just replaced both on my 1995 s10 and it runs like new again.

Density = mass(in grams)/volume(in cc or mL)So, we need to get moles CO2 here with the ideal gas equation. ( 43 L = 43,000 mL and 30o C = 303.15 K, for next part )PV =nRT(2.1 atm)(43 L) = n(0.08206 L*atm/mol*K)(303.15 K)n = 90.3/24.876= 3.63 moles CO2=============, Now, find grams CO2.3.63 moles CO2 (44.01 grams/1 mole CO2)= 159.756 grams CO2================Now, to find density CO2.Density = 159.756 grams/43,000 mL[= 3.7 X 10 -3 g/mL]==================Final answer. Seems quite reasonable.

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