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What is the firing order for a 2.0 ls vectra v reg?

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It's 1-3-4-2.

2006-08-04 14:47:23
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Note that if you have a 2.8L or 3.1L it is best not to use your engine firing order as the combination to unlock your luggage. == == The firing orders for the 1993 Buick Century engines are: 2.5 Liter engine firing order is 1-3-4-2 with #1 cylinder closest to belt. 2.8 Liter and 3.1 Liter engine firing order is 1-2-3-4-5-6 with #1 cylinder closest to firewall and belt (rear right corner when viewed from driver's seat) 3.3 Liter engine firing order is 1-6-5-4-3-2 on this engine the #1 cylinder is closest to the FRONT of the car and closest to the belt (passenger's side of the car) Put another way, it is front right corner of the engine when viewed from driver's seat. All this information is from page 20-4 of the 1986-1993 Chilton's Auto Repair Manual. Again, hope this is useful Bob Giel, Los Angeles, CA

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You have an R reg vauxhall vectra 20 gls just done over 100k and the revmileageheater and petrol counter all drop to zero if you go above 2000 revs and the seatbelt light comes on and windows fail?

Hi. I recently had a problem similar to this on my Vectra, where all my display dropped to zero and the battery light glowed very brightly. I took it to a garage and they diagnosed a faulty alternator, Which wasn't cheap but I've not had any problems since.' *I have had just these same symptoms come on suddenly while driving an astra,mine turned out to be the battery failing with an internal short circuit.When I switched off it was all dead.If the vectra can start up and run after experiencing the loss of amps ,then the alternator is the most likely.

What is the firing order for 1988 Mazda b2200?

Firing order is 1,3,4,2 and just for your information from the front the number one cylinder is the first plug wire closest to the timing cover for reference!I would recommend buying a haynes or chiltons manual it does show references for the distributor cap to spark plug connection.Cost of manual is around 15-20 dollars and worth it at advance auto parts or auto zone etc.

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Hey Nancy==The firing order is 1-2-3-4-5-6 and the dist turns clockwise and 1-3-5 are on the pass side. Can't find any timing specs. It may be nonadjustable. Good luck, Joe Answer Yes, the firing order is 1-2-3-4-5-6 but the dist. spins COUNTER CLOCKWISE I was just under mine doing the timing belt 5 minutes ago and mine spins counter clockwise. Answer The firing order left side 1-3-5 right 2-4-6 counter clockwise and ignition timing (1984-1987 only) 20-degrees + 2-degrees @ 700 rpm