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What is the firing order for a 2.8 L Chevy with no distributor?

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It is 1 on back left. 2 front left. 3 middle back. 4 middle front. 5 back right. 6 front right. That is if you are facing the front of the car.

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What is the firing order for a Pontiac Fiero 1985 V6 28?

1-2-3-4-5-6 Distributor rotates clockwise.

What is the spark plug firing order for a 1991 Z-28 5.7 liter?

The firing order should be 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2.

What is the cylinder order of a 1984 Chevy celeberty 28 liter?

Facing the engine from the passenger fender, cylinders 1, 3 and 5 are to your left. Then cylinders 2, 4 and 6 are on your right. The firing order is 1-2-3-4-5-6.

Where are the computers for 1996 Chevy Camaro Z-28?

Where is the fuse for the computer for 1996 Chevy camaro rsmanual trans 6 cylinder

Where on a 1989 Z 28 Camaro is the ignition module located?

under the distributor cap

How do you set the points on an old Pontiac distributor?

By dwell use a meter 28-32 degrees

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28 gallons

What kind of gas mileage does a 2002 Chevy Tracker get?

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How do you test a distributor on a 1971 Nova?

With a dwell meter you could monitor the dwell angle. If the dwell fluctuates the distributor shaft and bushings are probably worn out. The dwell should be between 28 and 32 degrees and not fluctuate.

What is the freon capacity for a 1981 Chevy Camaro Z-28?

The 1981 Chevrolet Camaro air conditioning system has a Freon capacity of 5.3 pounds. The Freon that was originally used in the 1981 Chevy Camaro is no longer available.

What kind of antifreeze should be used in 1994 Chevy Camaro z-28?

Any anti-freeze. Mix it 50% water.

What is the freon capacity for a 2000 Chevy s10 pickup?

1.75 pounds or 28 oz

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What is the firing order for a 1991 Cadillac Seville 4.9L?

Referenced from 'Chilton 28540 Deville/Fleetwood/Eldorado/Seville 1990-98 Repair Manual' Page 2-10, Fig. 28: 4.5L and 4.9L Engines 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2, Distributor Rotation Counterclockwise. Page 2-10, Fig. 29: 4.6L Engines 1-2-7-3-4-5-6-8, Distributorless Ignition System

How do you fix an exhaust manifold gasket for a 1988 Chevy z-28?

If the exhaust manifold gasket is leaking the only fix is to replace it with a new one.

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