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The bottom lead is the 1st cylinder the lead in the middle is the ignition coil lead the one in the middle to the right is the 2nd cylinder the one in the middle to the left is the 3rd cylinder and the lead on top is to the 4th cylinder the cylinders in the motor start from the front being #1 and the back being #4


The Firing sequence for the engine is from the front of the engine (radiator) to the back of the engine (firewall) its 1-2-3-4.... when you put the spark plug wires in, Put the shortest wire on the first spark plug, second shortest wire on the 2nd spark plug 3rd shortest on the 3rd spark plug and the last wire which will be the longest wire on the 4th spark plug.

After all that is finished take the first plug wire (shortest one) and look on the distributor cap it will be numbered (1 through 4 ) place the shortest wire in the #1 spot, second shortest wire on the #2 spot of the distributor and so on.

After that is finished you are done, Crank the car and listen to it purr. If you didn't do it right the car will start and run REALLY rough and back fire a lot then stall.

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Q: What is the firing order for a Mercedes 190?
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