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What is the firing order for a fiat punto 1200?


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The firing order for fiat punto 1200 is 1,3,4,2.craig duggan

where is number 1 plug


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fiat punto firing order 1342 from timing belt end

The firing order for the Fiat Punto is 1, 3, 4, 2. This is a 1.2 Liter 8 valve engine.

If you mean the firing order it is 1342.

1 3 4 2 No one cylinder is the timing belt side of the engine

Fiat Punto was created in 1993.

my punto 8v 52 reg is 1,3,4,2. probably the same

The Fiat Punto is manufactured by the company Fiat. Fiat is an Italian manufacturing company. The manufacturing of the Fiat Punto started in 1993 and is still currently being produced.

Fiat Punto 1.9l ltd service manual?

The Fiat Punto has a radiator which receives coolant in order to keep the temperature down. The diagram of this radiator can be found in the owner's manual.

No they are not same, though they have fiat punto before them. The new fiat has brought a lot of changes to make it perfect for long drives n here goes it. 'The new FIAT PUNTO2012' .

In order to change fuses a person needs to know the location of the fuse box. The fuse box for a 2007 Fiat Punto is under the hood of the car.

1. what is the problem of fiat punto front suspension 2. what is the mantinance of fiat punto front saspension

Fiat Punto car parts can be purchased at various retailers dealing with car parts. One can find Fiat Punto parts on the eBay and Breakeryard websites.

where is the fuse for the heater motor ina fiat punto grande 1.2

Fiat punto power steering reservoir on a y reg were can i find it

The best place to purchase Fiat Punto cars would be at a Fiat dealership. However, one can most likely find used Fiat Punto cars on line or in the local buy/sell listings in newspapers.

how do get rear wiper arm off fiat punto grande

The Fiat Punto Sporting is a vehicle that is no longer made, so to purchase one it would have to be a used vehicle. In order to find this type of vehicle, one might check a local Fiat dealership, or perhaps Autotrader. The Fiat Punto Sporting may also possibly be found on Ebay depending on the availability in the listings at the time you are looking to purchase.

The Punto is an supermini Italian-made car manufactured by the company Fiat. The car was first produced in 1993 and still is today. Over the years, it has been marketed as the Grande Punto, the Punto Evo, and now it is simply just Punto.

You can get the wiring diagram in the Fiat Punto Haynes manual which can be bought in Halfords among others.

Number 1 cylinder is at the left hand side if viewed from the front of car, i.e. the timing belt end

Could be that your battery is tired and wants changing ? Expensive item @ $65.00 though. My car does the same thing when it is low on fuel. Punto gauges are poor quality.

Yes, a Fiat Punto has disc brakes at the front and these have pads. The drum brakes at the back have shoes.

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