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Q: What is the first song in the tropic thunder movie traier?
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Is tropic thunder a real movie?


When does 'Tropic Thunder' come out in theaters?

The movie "Tropic Thunder" comes out in theaters in the US on August 15th, 2008.

When will tropic thunder come on DVD?

Tropic thunder is already out on DVD. It should be at your local movie rental store.

How long is the movie tropic thunder?

107 minutes.

What movie is the character les groosman in?

Tropic Thunder

What movie was sadness part 1 in?

Tropic Thunder

Is the movie tropic thunder on iTunes?

It is on iTunes, but it it rent - only.

What is the last song in the tropic thunder movie?

"get back" by ludacris

Why isn't the movie Tropic Thunder on Itunes now?

bc the movie is bad UwU

How long was tropic thunder?

Funniest movie EVER! Who care for length?

What is the movie where a white guy dyes his skin black?

tropic thunder

Who directed the movie 'Tropic Thunder'?

Ben Stiller directed Tropic Thunder. It won one award for Robert Downey Jr. as Best Supporting Actor.

Does Robert Downey Jr play a black man in a movie?

Yes, Tropic Thunder

What is a funny movie idea that you could make?

something like tropic thunder but in WW2

Is simple jack a real movie?

No. It was made up for the film "Tropic Thunder" (2008).

What movie was Robert downey junior working on before Iron Man?

Tropic thunder

Who played Les inthe movie Tropic Thunder? as Les Grossman: the foul-mouthed and hot-headed studio executive producing Tropic Thunder.

Who in crickey is little half squat?

Little Half Squat is a character in the movie Tropic Thunder.

What is the song from Tropic Thunder that Tom Cruise is dancing to at the end of the movie?

The song is Get Back by Ludacris.

What was the name of the song that Tom Cruise dance on it at the end of the tropic thunder movie?

Ludacris - Get Back

Where can you get clips of the movie tropic thunder?

YouTube can show you the hilarious scenes of Simple Jack and Les Grossman.

What movie was Tom Cruise in as a fat guy rapping?

He wasn't the one rapping, but dancing to rap music. It was in the movie Tropic Thunder.

What are the pros and cons of the movie Tropic Thunder?

Pros: Tropic thunder is a hilarious movie with a star filled cast and some good cameos. It's story is original and it is the perfect length for it not to drag on or be too short. Cons: Many times the movie can get silly and somewhat unbelievable, many of the jokes lacking in quality. Overall Tropic Thunder is a great movie, but the main drawback is the style of comedy. The comedy is not for everyone, but is still very good. Other than the form of the jokes, this movie is definitely worth a watch

How much did it cost to make the movie tropic thunder?

It cost 90 mill to make and got 100 mill at box office. :)

What is the character in Tropic Thunder that Tom Cruise played?

The very rich (Very mean) movie producer. Its hard to tell its him though