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"One Time" in 2009, it was his debut single.


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Yes,Justin Bieber did sing to Selean Gomez

Its Justin Bieber, not Beiber, and They sing That Should Be Me

When Justin Bieber first met Usher he preformed the song U got it bad by Usher. He had a lot of nerve to sing Usher his own song!

The first song Justin Bieber recorded was called 'Common Denominator', however the first song he released was 'One Time'.

The first song Justin Bieber did was, " Baby" and " One Time"

When Justin Bieber met Usher he sang a song called "You Got it Bad".

It was the hit song baby I think and all I now is that Justin bieber can sing and he's hot by the way I'm nine years old:D

somebody to love by Justin bieber

yes after he got his first song ready to sing to her

one timeJustin Bieber First song was one time that came out in 2009 !

Nope, Iyaz sings it. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Justin bieber sing it but not sure if he wrote it

No, the song "S & M" is by Rihanna.

He sang "What What in the Butt" by Samwell.

When he was singing in front of Usher he sang the song "You Got It Bad". This was the song he sang when he met Usher for the first time.

justin bieber first song was is love me

Justin Bieber sang \'Overboard\' with Jessica Jarrell. The song was released in 2010.

Justin and Selena didn't sing together. However, Justin did sing to Selena. He sung to her and she dance and hugged him alot.

Justin Bieber's first song was "One Time".

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