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A remora sports a suction cup on it's head. It will attach to sharks and feed off the algae that grows on their bodies.


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suction head is calculated wiht the formula head = 2.31 x psi so if your suction is 30psi then your head is around 60ft. of head. If your suction head is to high then there is not enough water to pump the needed psi for the task

They have a suction pad on the top of the head, and attach themselves to the shark's belly.

No, they don't have suction on their head

suction lift exists when the source of supply is below the central line of the pump. suction head exists when the source of supply is above the central line of the pump.

There isn't really a name but fish like Angler Fish, Viperfish, etc. have light on its head

Suction lift is only negative. Suction head is positive or negative.Suction head is the distance between the surface of the liquid being pumped and the centerline of the pump. It can be positive or negative, and it can be affected by pressure or vacuum on the surface of the fluid. A negative suction head is also called suction lift.Example 1: A D/A under 15 psig is set 20 feet above the feed pump the effective suction head is 54 feet. (15 psig is equivalent to 34 feet of water).Example 2: A Condenser hotwell under 28 inches of vacuum (Hg) is set 16 feet above the suction of a propeller pump. The effective suction head (lift) is -15 feet.* (28"Hg = - 31 feet of water)Example 3: A sump pump is set 4 feet below the surface of the well. The effective suction head is 4 feet.*Note: Suction lift is only effective to a maximum of 21 feet, and 15 feet for hot water depending on temperature and pump slip.

The head or body of the jelly fish is called the bell.The Bell.

Suction head will decrease Delivery head will decrease. Discharge will increase at low suction and delivery head. discharge stagnate at low head than rated head.

Throw the plunger on the top of his head!

Net Positive Suction Head

Large broard-winged FISH EATING diurnal bird of prey, with a dark back and whitish head and underparts. Often called a fish hawk.

when pressure on the suction side of the pump drop below the vapour pressure of the liquid, vapour forms. It's caused because of insufficient suction head, high suction lift, excessive friction head, or high liquid temperature.

The thing on a rooster's head is called a comb.

I think, that's refer from your system. If you manipulate the surface pressure of the water, you will get a big value of water suction head with higher surface pressure. CMIIW....

The things that stick out of a ladybug's head are antennae. The singular form of this word is antenna.

Really, people? They're called EARS.

An angler fish has a lure on its head that glows. There are more, but what they are called, I know now!

The length of the suction hose is around 2 feet, with an additional extender where the hose can extend up to 3 feet. with the Canister Vacuum.

Most things that it can catch, fish, other sharks, crustaceans...

they ware things like fish bowls on there head and they ware suits

Just trow the plumber until jou get it!

They have four tentacles on their heads.

This could be due to a number of things, from cancer to infection. You should take your fish to a veterinarian with experience in treating fish.

Cracked head or leaking gasket. The suction is created on the downward stroke of piston during intake stroke.

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