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My electrician says it could be various problems. A bad wire, a sending unit or a �head� whatever that is. If it is an intermittent problem Good Luck.

AnswerLegends have notoriously bad VSS's (Vehicle Speed Sensor). You may want to look into that. A new one would cost around $150.00, but you might be able to get one from a junk yard for a fraction of the cost. AnswerYes the VSS is most likely the problem you are having. As for getting one out of a junkyard I wouldn't advise it because you don't know how good that one is and how long it will last. Ive seen some online for as cheap as 80 bucks. jus gotta shop around. AnswerHello, First your letter D is flashing because its your VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) that is bad, you have to replace it. All early 90's Legends go thru that the VSS tends to fail its just a defect they have you will also notice rpm idle changes then your mph or rpm needle will stop or jump up and down then your odometer will stop too! and when your check engine lights on that means its really serious now you better get that fixed before your tranny goes out busted too! their about $150 bucks at the auto parts if you know a little mechanic you can do it yourself its not that hard its right next to the oil filter. AnswerI have a 94 Legend that had similar problems. The D4 light was blinking; the speedometer was erratic; and the engine light came on at high speeds. Per this discussion thread, I went to the Acura dealership and purchased a VSS for about 137.00 dollars and had a mechanic replace the sensor. (I normally do my own work, but I now live in an apartment complex where you can't perform this type work.) Anyway, I had a trusted mechanic replace the sensor and now the problem is solved. New AnswerDitto conformation of above info. The exact symptom was: gauges would bounce around after engine was warm traveling at highway speeds ; eventually gauges would go to zero and "D4" would flash ; then, eventually the 'abs' and 'tc' lights would light, then upon turning the car off, everything would reset as if all was fine! The new vss sensor did the trick! ...BB More EffectsMost of the symptoms above occurred on my '91 Legend and were resolved by replacing the VSS. I'd like to add that in the process of installing the new VSS, my mechanic also reset the computer and as a result the auto transmission shifting points improved tremendously--it drives like a different car now, very smooth powerful shifting. This car apparently depends on VSS data for all sorts of systems. A worthy and relatively inexpensive repair to do! Part Number and Prices

I checked AutoZone. They want $149 for Duralast brand, part number SU5462.

I called an Acura dealer to get their part number and price. They wanted $119.00.

1991-1995 Acura Legend Speed Sensor Kit

Part#: 06560-PY3-000

I found it cheaper elsewhere as of Dec. 4, 2009:

(Total: $100.20) $91.25 plus $8.95 shipping

(Total: $101.29) $89.79 plus $11.50 shipping

Currently Cheapest on eBay:

(Total: $98.99) $86.00 plus $12.99 shipping

Hi everyone,

My wife's 94 Legend GS has the same problem and then some... Can you tell me if this is all related? The Speedo & odometer does not work... that includes the trip odometer and the main odometer. Speedo does not bounce at all. The ABS and TCS lights are also on. It does sound like the VSS is bad and will have to purchase a new one. Will do the work myself and just want to make sure that I'm going to spend the money on the right thing since I've been laid off and money is TIGHT!


2011-09-14 10:00:16
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