What is the flag of Portugal?

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The flag of Portugal has a two-color field that's unequally divided between about 2/5 dark green and 3/5 scarlet red. Centered over the color boundary between green and red is a version of the national coat of arms.

The coat of arms shows the Portuguese shield without laurel wreaths, on top of an armillary sphere, wihch is a model of a celestial sphere. The armillary sphere is yellow outlined in black.

The red shield has a white border. There are seven castles in the red area, with three at the top and two on each side of the shield. A smaller white shield is centered over the red area. Within the white shield are five smaller blue shields forming a cross with three across the middle and one each above and below the central blue shield. Within each blue shield are five white circles in three rows, with two in the first and third rows and one in the middle row.

There has been much controversy over the meaning of the green and red colors. As an important astronomical and navigational instrument for Portuguese sailors, the armillary sphere refers to the Age of Discoveries.

The Portuguese shield has been present in almost every historical flag, except during the reign of Afonso I [July 25, 1109-December 6, 1185].

The small blue shields are linked to the Miracle of Ourique in 1139, when the future Afonso I defeated five Moorish kings. The circles in each blue shield represent Christ's five wounds. The seven castles traditionally represent the capture of seven Moorish fortresses by Afonso III [May 5, 1210-February 16, 1279]. But the number is a popular belief without a firm basis.

The flag was adopted as the official national flag on June 30, 1911.
green red and a little bit of yellow around the shields green=hope red=the blood of the troops
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The national (civil) flag of Portugal is a 2:3 proportioned vertical bicolour utilizing green and red on an unevenly divided field. In proper flying, the green is on the left with a smaller field while the red is on the right with a larger field. The lesser national coat of arms of Portugal is dictated to be centered on the boundary separating the two colours, and equidistant from the top and lower borders.

The war ensign is similar, except it is evenly divided in a 12:13 proportion, and utilizes the military coat of arms instead.

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Q: What is the flag of Portugal?
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