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What is the flight path from Orlando to London?


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June 24, 2013 9:36AM

The flight path from Orlando, Florida to London, UK constantly varies based on factors such as the jet stream, air traffic, no-fly zones and weather conditions but in a general sense, the flight will head northeast along the Eastern US coast, then out over the Atlantic (passing south of Greenland and Iceland), then over Southern Ireland, the Irish Sea and over South Wales before descending into London.

However, as example of a flight plan based on NATS it would be;

KMCO (0.0nm) -DCT-> LOUIZ (227.5nm) -A699-> SUMRS (254.8nm) -M204->

FLUPS (430.8nm) -L375-> GALVN (512.9nm) -L435-> DUNIG (722.5nm) -L375->

MEGGG (792.2nm) -L435-> BRKZZ (942.1nm) -L375-> KOZIK (1013.8nm) -L435->

FIVZE (1243.6nm) -L435-> BUTUX (2161.2nm) -UL435-> PAKER (2509.6nm) -UL435->

IRELA (2678.8nm) -UL435-> POKSI (2899.0nm) -UL435-> DIGUN (3120.1nm) -UL435->

BUXON (3237.8nm) -UN866-> NELTO (3328.2nm) -UN866-> AMDOL (3643.7nm) -UN866->

IREDO (3877.9nm) -UN866-> TENPA (4132.7nm) -UN866-> USOTI (4253.6nm) -UN866->

APASO (4390.8nm) -UN871-> AGUMO (4455.9nm) -UN871-> VIDRI (4565.8nm) -UN871->

GDV (4677.2nm) -UN871-> LZR (4797.6nm) -UN871-> KORAL (4857.0nm) -UN871->

SONSO (4887.0nm) -UN871-> ESS (5036.9nm) -UN871-> NIRAL (5163.8nm) -UN871->

OSDAM (5317.1nm) -UN871-> ADUBI (5351.7nm) -UN871-> VJF (5381.3nm) -UQ96->

KOPOM (5554.8nm) -UQ96-> BELEN (5865.4nm) -UP87-> GODEM (5995.5nm) -UP87->

MOKOR (6053.6nm) -UP87-> TERPO (6074.4nm) -UP87-> GODAN (6092.1nm) -UP87->

DIN (6149.0nm) -UP87-> REVTU (6211.3nm) -UP87-> BOLRO (6235.5nm) -UP87->

DOMUT (6251.3nm) -STAR-> EGLL (6337.4nm