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What is the flight time from Bangor Maine to London England?

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From Boston it's about 6 hours, so I'd say closer to 5

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Q: What is the flight time from Bangor Maine to London England?
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Which body of water would you cross if you traveled from Bangor Maine to London?

If you traveled from Bangor, Maine to London, England, you would cross the Atlantic Ocean.

What is the distance from Heathrow airport in London to Bangor Maine?

There is approximately 3,077 miles between London Heathrow Airport and Bangor, Maine. The flight would take approximately 6 and a half hours.

Which is farther north Bangor Maine US or London Ontario Canada?

Bangor, Maine is farther north than London, Ontario.

How long is the flight from Los Angeles California to Bangor Maine?

== == The shortest flight from Los Angeles, California, to Bangor, Maine, is 7 hours 13 minutes (via Cincinnati).

How long is a Flight from bangor Maine to Germany?

About 9 hours.

How many hours to fly from Bangor Maine to Melbourne Australia?

The flight time from Bangor, Maine to Melbourne, Australia is:21 hours, 16 minutes

How long is a flight from Bangor Maine to Orlando Florida?

The distance between Orlando, Florida and Bangor, Maine is 1318 miles. On average, a flight between them takes 3 hours 8 minutes.

How long is a flight from Bangor Maine to San Diego California?

about 8hours

How long is a flight from bangor Maine to El Paso Texas?

It's about a five hour flight.

How many miles is it from Camden Maine to London England?

There are 3,124 miles separating Camden, Maine and London, England. A flight from the airport in Rockland, Maine to London Heathrow would take 11 hours 55 minutes to 14 hours 20 minutes or more, depending on the stops.

What two cities in Maine could you depart on international airline flight?

Bangor and Portland

How long does it take to fly from Maine to Barcelona?

Flight time from Bangor, Maine to Barcelona, Spain is seven and a half hours.

What state is Bangor in?

Bangor is in Maine.

Is Bangor a capital city?

No. Augusta is the capital of Maine. Bangor is just a city in Maine.

Distance from moncton new brunswick to bangor Maine?

how far is moncton to bangor maine

How many miles from Maine to England?

Maine is roughly 3150 miles from London, England.

What is the driving distance between rockland Maine and bangor?

The driving distance from Rockland, Maine to Bangor, Maine is 71 miles.

How many miles from central main to New London Connecticut?

It's about 340 miles from Bangor, central Maine, to New London, CT.

Where is the Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor Maine located?

The address of the Maine Discovery Museum is: 74 Main St, Bangor, ME 04401-6304

What is the kilometer distance from Penzance England to Bangor Maine?

Four thousand six hundred sixty (4,660) is the air kilometer distance from Penzance, Cornwall, in southwesternmost England, to Bangor, Maine, in northeasternmost United States. That equals 2,896 air miles or 2,516 nautical miles.

How far is the driving distance from Bangor Me to Monson Me?

The driving distance from Bangor, Maine to Monson, Maine is about 56 miles.

Where is the University Of Maine Museum Of Art in Bangor Maine located?

The address of the University Of Maine Museum Of Art is: 40 Harlow St, Bangor, ME 04401

What is the driving distance from New York to Bangor Maine?

== == From New York, New York to Bangor, Maine it is about 448 miles.

How do I fly from Portland Maine to Bangor Maine?

Go to Portland International Jetport and purchase a ticket to Bangor International Airport

How many Bangor's in the world?

Bangor, Maine, USA Bangor, Wisconsin, USA Bangor, UK Bangor, France So 4