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A 15' x 15' room has 225 square feet, and 225 square feet is about 20.903184 square meters. By inspection, that's just a bit short of 21 square meters.

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How many total square meters if the floor area is 313 square meters?

If the floor area is 313 square meters, then the floor area is 313 square meters.

How many square meters is the floor area of a room that measures 8 meters by 6.9 meters?

Square Meters is called square meters because it is meters times meters or m2In your room you have 8meters by 6.9meters. So just times them together to get square meters.55.2m2

How many meter in 80 square meters?

You cannot convert meters to square meters. A meter measures length or distance. A square meter measures area.

How many square meters in 0.12 kilometers?

Kilometers measures length and square meters measures area. There is no direct conversion between the two.

If a room is 3meters by 10meters how many square meters are there?

The area of the ceiling is 30 square meters. The area of the floor is also 30 square meters. We could determine the area of the walls if we knew the distance from the ceiling down to the floor.

How many square meters in a room that measures 15 feet by 12 feet?

12' x 15' = 180 square feet The area of the floor is 16.723 square meters. (rounded) The area of the ceiling is also 16.723 square meters. (rounded) In order to calculate the area of the walls, we'd need to also know the height of the room.

How many cubic meters in 18.4 square meters?

cubic metres measures volume, square metres measures area. These are two completely different things.

How many square meters in room 6 feet by 6 feet?

The area of the floor is 3.345 square meters. (rounded) The area of the ceiling is also 3.345 square meters. (rounded) The area of the walls can't be calculated without also knowing the floor-to-ceiling height of the room.

What does m squared measure?

m2 measures square meters. It is a unit of area.

What is the difference between meters squared and square meters?

None! They both mean the same thing. For example, if your floor measures 3 meters long and 2 meters wide you would need 6 square meters of carpet. Alternatively you could say "My floor measures 6 meters squared." Five meters squared. This refers to a linear measure, five meters. It also tells what function to apply to the measure-- make a square with it. If I make a square with a five meter chain, I will end up with 25 square meters. Five square meters. This will be equivalent to five of the 25 squares that the above area contains. Quite different. If you have a floor measuring 3 meters by 2 meters and you ask the carpet guy for carpeting to cover 6 meters squared, you will get an unpleasant surprise.

What is the area of a square which measures 6 meters on each side?

The area of a square is calculated the same as that of a rectangle: length x width.

One square meters is equals to how many meters?

A square metre is equal to an area which measures one metre on all four sides.

How many floor tiles do you need to cover 3.11 square meters?

You need3.11 square meters/area of each tile .

If an asphalt parking lot measures 100 m 500 m calculate its area in square meters?

This is simple 100 X 500 = 50,000. The area is 50,000 square meters

What is the area of a house if it measures 7 meters by 3 meters?

7 x 3 = 21 Therefore the area would be 21 square metres.

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