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The flight distance from Toronto, Canada to Fort Walton Beach, Florida is 996 miles / 1,604 km

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When was Douglas Walton born?

Douglas Walton was born on October 16, 1910, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

What is the distance ford Walton beach Florida and panama cyti beach Florida?

The distance between Fort Walton Beach, FL and Panama City Beach, Fl is approximately 56.1 miles.

What is distance between Orlando FL and Walton FL?

It is 134.10 miles accordiing to MapQuest.

What is the distance between Fort Walton Beach Florida to Fort Myers Florida?

There is a distance of 563.5 miles between Fort Myers Florida and Fort Walton Beach Florida. The estimated travel time between these locations by car is 8 hours and 14 minutes of driving time.

How many miles is it from Chicago to Fort Walton Beach?

The distance between the above two places is 762 miles. This is an approximate direct distance. Also this distance might change if a different flight route is chosen.

What has the author C H A Walton written?

C. H. A Walton has written: 'Prairie provinces of Canada' -- subject(s): Allergy

Who is Bruce Walton?

Bruce Walton is the pitching coach for the Toronto Blue Jays. Prior to his coaching days, Walton pitched in the major leagues for three years from 1991-1994. He played for the Oakland Athletics, Montreal Expos, Colorado Rockies.

How many miles between walton-on-thames Surrey and Leeds?

It takes anywhere from 3 hours 28 minutes to 4 hours 21 minutes to drive from Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, UK to Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK. The driving distance is 204.3 miles.

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