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What is the football position ATH?

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ATH stands for athlete. This designation is given to high school football recruits by colleges when a position has not yet been assigned because their skills could put them in a number of different positions depending on team needs.

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It stands for "athlete." It is used in college football when recruiting - and before they have decided on a position for the player.

ATH is the standard abbreviation for "athlete." It describes a college recruit that can play multiple positions, or a recruit who does not have a primary or finalized collegiate position. There is no actual football position for ATH; it is simply a placeholder until a player's position is determined.

athletic The ATH is a category used in college recruiting of high school players. It stands for "Athlete". These players usually have the skill set needed to play a number of different positions for the team they choose. When they arrive on campus a position is then determined, although usually people have an idea of which position the player will play when they are recruited.

the football position ks is Kicker

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G can stand for goalkeeper in football.

Around the Horn. It's a baseball term. Also a sports debate program on ESPN featuring sports writers from around the country. Can also be an abbreviation for 'athlete', seen often on American football players recruited to play at college but are so versatile that they are not pigeonholed into a particular position.

i think it stands for athlete and it is a recruiting term used to describe an athlete with multiple talents that could play different positions on the field

Yes, under sized, but a great Ath!! very explosive! Hard working. Know as a hard hitting, quick football player! Had great hands and was The number one option football player in his time in the state of Alabama!

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If you are referring to fantasy football, BE stands for bench. Otherwise I have no idea what BE stands for.

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In American football, 'S' is a safety. In association football, 'S' may be used for striker.

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