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What is the formula for buying out a block of business from an insurance agent?


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2004-12-11 09:35:41
2004-12-11 09:35:41

There is no BLACK & WHITE hardcore formula. My x and I spend 3 1/2 days in court to value mine. Email me privately and I can look up and see if I still have the reseach I did on it. A lot of people throw around 1 to 1.5 times gross commissions. For more info. see


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You can become a business insurance agent by studying insurance in college or business in college. In addition, you can become a business insurance agent by applying for an insurance company.

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The agent represents the insurance company, not the customer who is buying the insurance.

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One can find business insurance services by contacting a business insurance agent. They can answer questions about business insurance and determine the best kind for a particular business.

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Business insurance policies can be custom tailored too your needs. I would suggest speaking with an insurance agent.

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