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Energy has no chemical formula as it is not a chemical.

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Q: What is the formula for chemical energy?
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What is the chemical formula for energy?

Energy hasn't a chemical formula.

What is a chemical formula for Solar power-energy?


What is the chemical formula and structural formula of electricity?

Electricity is not a chemical nor a structure. It is energy generated between two opposite charges.

What is the chemical formula of uranium yellowcake?

Actually the Yellowcake formula involved in Nuclear energy is U3O8

Is there a chemical formula for energy?

There is not a chemical formula for energy as it is not a chemical. However in some contexts such as physics it can be represented as many different letters (depending on the form it is in eg. Kinetic [ke] or gravitational potential [gpe]). Hope this helps :)

How do photosynthetic organism convert the sun's energy into chemical energy?

I believe it is by the process of Photosynthesis Formula in which the sun's energy is converted into chemical energy: CO2 + H2O=Sugar+ O2

What is the chemical formula for kilojoules?

Kilojoules (kJ) is unit of energy, not a compound.

What chemical formula H20?

This chemical formula is for water.

Can the formula for photosynthesis be reversed?

A formula it certainly is, and as such it is reversible, depending upon the Energy requirements. The chemical 'reversal' of Photosynthesis is Respiration.

What is the chemical formula of chemical respiration?

C6H12O6 + 6O2 --> 6H2O + 6CO2 This is an exothermic reaction (ie a reaction that produces energy)

Chemical formula of algae?

Chemical formula of Algae: C106H263O110N16P Chemical formula of Algae: C106H263O110N16P Chemical formula of Algae: C106H263O110N16P

What chemical has the chemical formula for H20?

This is the water chemical formula.

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