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There is no venom in daddy long legs so you wont need an anti-venom and the fangs don't even pierce the human skin.


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The daddy long legs is a spider that does not contain poisonous venom in their fangs. These spiders are harmless and do not pose a threat to human beings.

the daddy long legs have a simlar venom to cobras but the fangs are way to soft to penetrate skin also the amount of venom is minute.

yes....daddy longlegs are harmless to humans no, daddy long legs produce venom but there fangs are il equipped for piercing flesh.

Yes. There are two things that get this name. One is a spider with very long legs, and the other is a harvestman with very long legs. Harvestmen do not have any venom at all, and the "daddy long-legs spider" has such a tiny amount of venom that it is not a danger to humans.

No,There Harmless (: They Just Crawl On You !

no the daddy long legs does not produce venom but only kills the other deadly bugs and insects in ur household

NO, although daddy long legs have venom, there fangs are not strong, or long enough to penetrate skin, let alone the exoskeleten of a black widow...

Yes, Daddy long are legs venomous, but only enough to affect insects. Actually, they are venomous, and they can bite humans, but their venom is mild and produces a mild burn.

No they are not. Then venom is not enough to hurt or harm a animal or a human.

It is a myth. A Daddy Long-Legged spider's venom is not toxic to humans and yes, they can bite people quite easily. There are no ill effects.

No, this harmless creature is definitely not the most poisonous in the world. There are three types of daddy long legs, in which 2/3 don't have any venom at all. The third has venom, but an insignificant amount. It cannot penetrate the human flesh.

Daddy long legs are not spiders. They are called harvestmen and they have 10 legs. Grand daddy long legs are spiders and they are also called cellar spiders.

Daddy long leg spiders, of the Family Pholcidae, do NOT contain deadly venom. They do contain venom. All spiders do. But when the myth started that they have the deadliest venom, there had been absolutely no research done on the toxicology of the venom. Giving the myth no basis. Now that some research has been done, they have concluded that the venom is relatively weak.

Daddy long legs is the name given to an insect that I believe is in the spider family. It is characterized by its very long thin legs. It is a harmless insect without venom but useful in killing off other pesky bugs.

actually they are the most poisonous spider in the world but their fangs are too small to bite a human being so the answer is a no. Daddy long legs are not poisonous. they're teeth aren't hollow, and they have no venom.

no daddy long legs dont bit.

Yes there are female daddy long legs

no daddy long legs are not poisons or toxi

Yes there are daddy long legs in Wisconsin.

My Daddy Long Legs was created in 1990.

An adult daddy long legs will have segmented legs, that when stretched out would be about 5 to 6cm long.

Because they have long legs compared to the size of their bodies.

if you have ever seen one they have very long legs

Eight, like arachnids (spiders) but Daddy Longlegs are not spiders. They are Opiliones. Daddy Longlegs appear to have only one body section unlike spider's with two. Daddy longlegs don't have venom glands or hollow fangs to inject venom.

of course the daddy long leg has enemies its enemy is other daddy long legs

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