What is the formula for finding the volume of a cylinder?

Volume of cylinder

A cylinder has a round base and a given height. The area of the base must be found first, and then it can be multiplied by the height to give the volume of the cylinder.

The area of the base is given by taking the radius (r) of the circular base and squaring it and then multiplying it by pi.

Areabase = pi r2

Then multiply that by the height (h) of the cylinder to get the volume.

Volumecylinder = pi r2 h

The volume of a cylinder is pi times the square of the radius of the base times the height of the cylinder.

Use the link below for more information and a slightly different presentation. Also note that there are some "variations on the theme" as regards the shape of a cylinder. The classic shape is a "right circular cylinder" as shown in the diagram in the Wikipedia post. But we can depart from there in more advanced applications.


Find the volume of a cylindrical canister with radius 7 cm and height 12 cm.


1847.5 cm3

Volume of cylinder = π x r x r x h

Where π = Pie , r = radius of cross section f cylinder and h = height of cylinder
(assuming it to be a Right Circular Cylinder)