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formula for speed is distance traveled over time taken to cover distance

acceleration is given by change in velocity per unit time

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Formula for constant speed?

The formula is [ Speed = a number ], or [ Slater = Searlier ], or [ |Acceleration| = 0 ].

Formula of uniform motion?

Acceleration = 0 Speed = constant Distance = (speed) x (time)

A car increases its speed from 80 to 90 kmh in 2 secondswhat is its acceleration Can a bicycle have the same accelerationHow?

The formula for finding acceleration Acceleration= final velocity - initial velocity divided by the time it took to accelerate to this speed. So, using this formula the answer is 5 kmh

What is the formula for acceleration and what would be an example of an acceleration units?

The basic formula for acceleration is the one that defines acceleration, as the rate of change of speed: a = dv/dt. For the case of constant acceleration, this is simply (change of velocity) / time. The unit is any unit of speed by a unit of time; in the SI that would be (meters / second) / second, usually written as meters / second squared.

What is the formula for determining acceleration?

a = (v-u)/t (speed minus start speed all divided by time)

What is the formula to determine the acceleration of an object moving in a strait line?

Acceleration = (speed at the end of some time interval minus speed at the beginning of the interval)/(length of the time interval)

The relationship of speed and acceleration?

Acceleration is the time rate of change of speed. Acceleration = speed/time.

What is the formula for distance traveled with constant acceleration?

If the car begins with zero speed, thenDistance = 1/2 (acceleration) x (time)2

Formula for accleration?

Force/mass=acceleration Acceleration = (change in speed)/(time for the change) Acceleration = (2 x distance traveled)/(square root of time to travel the distance)

What is the formula for rate of speed?

Rate of speed is acceleration with respect to time, therefore the formula is (dv/dt), meaning (change in velocity/change in time). Remember, speed is just the magnitude of the velocity vector.

A 20 gram stone is tied to string 50 meter long is being whirled in a circle with a speed of 36 Kilometer per hour find the tension in string?

Convert the speed to meters per second. Use the formula acceleration = speed squared / radius to find the centripetal acceleration. Then use the formula force = mass x acceleration to find the corresponding force.

How does acceleration affect speed and velocity?

Acceleration changes the speed - usually increases it. A reduction is speed is negative acceleration , or deceleration. Acceleration can change the speed or direction (or both) of velocity.

Acceleration is a change in speed or?

Acceleration is a change in speed or direction.

Is acceleration the same as speed?

Acceleration is the rate that speed changes.

What is the formula for distance traveled in acceleration?

If starting from rest, Distance = 1/2 (acceleration) x (time)2 . Otherwise, Distance = 1/2 (initial speed + final speed) x (time)

What is speed velocity and acceleration?

Speed and velocity same thing and acceleration is how fast it can get to a speed. More acceleration will get faster quicker

For a car moving around a circular track at a constant speed the acceleration is?

constant speed=0 acceleration Acceleration is the change in speed. If the speed doesn't change(ie constant) the acceleration is zero.

What is the formula you use to dertermine acceleration?

Average acceleration during any period of time = (change in speed during that time) divided by (length of the time period).

How do you calculate time with speed and acceleration?

Average acceleration = Change in speed/time so Time = Change in speed/Average acceleration

How is acceleration related to the change in speed?

A change in speed (and/or direction) is acceleration.

How do you find speed from acceleration and time?

speed equals to acceleration into time

How does speed and acceleration effect gravity?

Speed or acceleration have no effect on gravity.

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