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What is the formula for the volume of a cylinder container?

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2009-10-16 12:31:28
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Volume = Pi X r^2 X h,

where Pi = 3 1/7, r = radius & h = height of the cylinder

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The volume of a cylindrical container is dependent on the container's dimensions. Here is the formula for Volume of a cylinder. Volume = π * R2 * H Where r Is the radius of the circular end of the container, and H is the height of the container.

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Depending on the shape of the container for the liquid, you can find the volume different ways. If the container is a cube, the volume is (base * Width * height). if the container is a cylinder, the volume is (PI * Radius2 * height). The answer you would get from these equations is expressed in units cubed (example: cm3).

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volume of cylinder pir2h

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The volume of a cylinder is represented by this formula: r2πh where r = radius of circular base and h = height of cylinder

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